How to deal with an abusive, a drug addict and a gambling brother
Fatwa No: 125131


As salam alaikum.I m a 28 years old girl,m not married yet,i live with my parents my mom is suffering from many diesease,like sugar,BP,gastric ulcer n even leg n knee pains whole nights she dont sleeps,she cries lot,i have 1 brother he is a handicap n drug addict too,we did lot for him to leave his drugs habits,he harres us lot,fights with my parents,gives bad words,he dont allows us to sleep properly,when ever guest comes to our home he shouts n fights with us n gives bad words,everytime he ask for money for drugs n gambling,outside the house he gossips about us,he says that i m a prostitute, my father is not a good guy ,my mom is not a good lady, my mother has a bed relations with his son in law,fights with the people outside,but people dnt say him anything not even people give police complaint for him just because of my parents reputation,people n our neighbour respects us lot,he goes to my sisters home n ask money from them,he is asking property from my dad,we have lost everything due do business now,now a days he is taking a bath at 4 am n praying namaz and curse us that v have ruin his life,my brother goes out when we sleep that time for stealing also v came to know this, my mom n dad is asking him to not to do all this so he is saying tht u people mind ur own business,bcz of my brothers behaviour no one gets me proposal also,my whole relatives n neigbour is tired from my bro,3 times he tried to commit suiside also but v safed him,doctors said that he only dnt wants to be a good person.n now he is asking us to do his marriage also,but my parents said no,if we will get some ones daughter,her life will b spoiled.he fast only 4,5 days in ramadaan n thn he starts eating,gives badwords to allah n prophet,even eids namaz he dnt goes some times,me my mom n dad pray 5times namaz,my parents do lot of charities also,my parents cries lot by they this that they fear allah lot n their son is like that,please help me!what should v do,m too worried for my parents,Allah hafiz


All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, is His Slave and Messenger.


We advise you to earnestly and continuously supplicate Allaah The Almighty to guide your brother who has transgressed against himself by committing sin, and beseech Allaah to drive away from him the plots of Satan and the evil of his own self that persistently enjoins him to commit sin.

Then you should exert your efforts in advising him in a good and gentle manner and telling him that he is committing forbidden things by leaving prayer and fasting, being bad to his parents, slandering, stealing and taking drugs. Moreover, you should warn him that profaning Allaah, His rulings, or decrees constitutes major disbelief that takes him out of the fold of Islam.

On the other hand, you may seek the help of righteous people of Da‘wah, whose advice many be more effective than yours. Please refer to Fatwa 84800.

However, if after exerting your efforts he does not stop his wrongdoing and aggression and you fear that you will be harmed by his behaviour, then you may notify the relevant authorities to stop him from harming you.

Finally, please note that performing the ‘Eed prayer is a confirmed Sunnah according to the preponderant opinion of the scholars, and thus it is disliked to leave performing it. As such, you should not compare leaving it with the major sins and immoralities that your brother commits.

Allaah Knows best.

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