1025 fatwas

  • Limits of Obeying Parents Date: 20-10-2022

    I got a job in a nearby town to my current town where I am required to use my motorcycle. My parents are saying that you should not travel there by the motorcycle. I do not have any Job to earn and I am in need of money and need to pay a loan.I do not want to falsify my promise to the new employer and neither be disrectful to my parents.Plz suggestJazak.. More

  • How to Deal with Parents Date: 4-10-2022

    My parents are practically at war with me for being a Sunni. I want advice on what to do because I was even forced to shave off my beards recently which sadden me to the core depth of my heart. Note that I just started practising sunnah and I want to practise it to the maximum best of my ability because I know that this is the only way to worship Allah.. More

  • Obedience to Parents is Obligatory on Matters that Have a Sound Cause Date: 3-10-2022

    Assalamualaikum. My mother wants me to tell her about any problems that I have. I find it highly uncomfortable to discuss my problems with people I know, and some of my problems involve sins that I previously committed or situations that were embarrassing for me. Am I obligated to tell her about all of my problems? Thank you. .. More

  • Is It Obligatory to Obey Husband in Foreplay? Date: 21-9-2022

    Is it obligatory to obey husband in foreplay? For example, if he wants do a particular form of foreplay which the wife does not like does she have to do it. .. More

  • Husband Told His Wife: ‘You Are Free to Go.’ Date: 27-8-2022

    my husband said during a fight when i was demanding talaaq and khula and he replied me twice ok you are free to go and also he said ask someone if our nikah is broken from those kinaya words then i swear i m happy so please let me know my naikah is valid or over and last 20 months we are sleeping separately .. More

  • Limits of Obeying Parents Date: 27-8-2022

    I want to buy a car, and I will be using own money that I get payed from work. In 2020 I told my father I wanted to by a car but he gave my excuses not to buy it and I asked again in 2021 and the same excuses he gave me. Now in 2022 still I didn’t get any valid reason not to buy it . Do I have the right to go to the dealership to buy the car and it’s.. More

  • Wife Is Not Obliged to Obey Her Husband in Everything Date: 25-8-2022

    Must a wife obey their husband in everything? .. More

  • Maintaining Ties of Kinship Date: 15-8-2022

    How to uphold ties with the non mahram relatives like first cousins and in-laws ?My family thinks I am extreme because I only say Salaam and talk to them when there is a need and I believe we have to help them when there are financially not good or give them gifts through my mother to connect ties.Please evidences from the Qur'an and Authentic Hadith .. More

  • Marital Problems Date: 31-7-2022

    Alsalam alaikum. I have a problem where I need help and guidance. I was married to a man from a different culture and everyone was happy for us. Then in two years I had many problems, he hits me, lying, my parents also I told them and he had problems with them. And I’m originally Arab as he is but I am born and raised up in Europe. So my family after.. More

  • Marital Problems Date: 31-7-2022

    As´salam-o-Alikum,For the past couple of months I have developed trust issues with my wife. I have this constant feeling that she is hiding something from me. I have stoped so low as to check her phone for messages and the history of few of her regular conversations with her friends from school is deleted. This raises my suspicions that she is hiding.. More

  • He Gave a Deposit to His Brother’s Wife and She Lend It to Her Husband Date: 22-12-2021

    Salam in alikum IAM a Muslim brother my Question is I given my brothers wife money to keep for me if I have use I can come teak the after I went to her for the money she she said to that money I borrowed to my husband after one year so am can of confused can a good Muslim do that. .. More

  • Deserting a Person When Fearing Harm on One’s Religion or Worldly Matters Date: 23-11-2021

    Salam. I wanted to know about how breaking ties with another muslim who is not a blood relative. If you think they may negatively impact in some type of way, is it permissible to leave them? .. More

  • Mistreated by Her Parents and Her Brother Date: 23-11-2021

    Assalamu alaykum,I am tired of my father deceiving me and my mother using Islam as a weapon to abuse me mercilessly. My younger brother strangled me yesterday with his legs to murder me. My mother never admits her wrong doings to me, rather she blames me .. More

  • Obeying Parents in Sinful Matters Is Not Disbelief Date: 18-11-2021

    Onca if a muslim after praying told god that she loves her parents more than god but didnt knew this would take her out of islamThen repented and when got to know recited kalima at that time she didnt knew about the islamic ruling that u cant islamically obey parents on sinful matters Now after repenting for what she ignorantly saidIf incase she follows.. More

  • Disobedience to Parents Is Not Disbelief Date: 18-11-2021

    A girl didn’t want to study in co-education. But many people kept telling her to study there by saying many things. The parents of the girl also wanted her to study there. One day, the mother of a girl she knows called her on phone to convince her to study there. The woman said something like, “As disobeying Allah is a type of kufr, disobeying one's.. More