Baseless statements of a so-called Muslim Zionist
Fatwa No: 161711


As-salam 'alakum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu! I have been reading something online that I find extremely disturbing to me! There are some people who call themselves “Muslim Zionists"! Basically, these misguided people support "Israel" over Palestine! I am extremely shocked that there are some people who call themselves “Muslims” and actually support our enemy! As Muslims, we know that Palestine is a Muslim land and does not belong to the Jews! Yet, there are some Zionists who call themselves "Muslims"! In fact, there is some one in Italy who calls himself a "Muslim sheikh", he actually calls himself “the zionist shiekh” or “the zionist imam”! he even says that “anyone who denies Israel’s right to return to the holy land is no longer a Muslim” This is not his exact quote but he said something similair to it. Astaghfirullah! This is his quote: "The Qur'an cannot deal with the State of Israel as we know it today, since that State came into existing in 1948 only, i.e. many centuries after the Qur'an itself was revealed. However, the Qur'an specify that the Land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people, that God Himself gave that Land to them as heritage and ordered them to live therein. It also announces that - before the end of the time - the Jewish people will come from many different countries to retake possession of that heritage of theirs. Whoever denies this actually denies the Qur'an itself. If he is not a scholar, and in good faith believes what other people say about this issue, he is an ignorant Muslim. If, on the contrary, he is informed about what the Qur'an and openly opposes it, he cease to be a Muslim." Not only this, on youtube, there was a video of a man who calls himself a “Sunni Muslim” and he was saying “True Muslims support Israel”. And there are other similar people like this out there too. I am really disgusted and enraged! These guys are misinterpreting the Quran! Wouldn't these guys be considered hypocrites and kafirs?


All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) is His slave and Messenger.

We have already published Fataawa 88185, 91000, 84579, 84717, 84337 and 83267 about Palestine clarifying that it is a land of the Arabs and the Muslims as per history and Islamic Sharee’ah.

As regards that sinful liar, if he really pretends to have embraced Islam, then he is a hypocrite who wants to defame Islam through pretending that he has embraced Islam, and that he is even a Shaykh or an Imaam, so that he can say what he likes and thereby deceive the common people, and this is an outrageous lie that is clear to everybody.

Indeed, the statement which you quoted from him is contradictory, as on the one hand he says that the Quran cannot have any ruling on the state of Israel which was established recently, and on the other hand, he refers and gives evidence from the Quran which was revealed many centuries ago about the return of the Jews to regain the possession of their land in Palestine. So, how come the Quran is not good to provide as evidence for something that happened recently but at the same time it is good to provide as evidence about something else that happened recently? Glory be to Allaah, this is really a great lie.

Also, this liar keeps telling lies when he shows himself as having deep religious knowledge, and explains that whoever denies the reality that he allegedly established, he becomes a disbeliever. Rather, it is he who is worthy of being a disbeliever as he is clearly inventing lies against Allaah.

As regards the verse that he mentioned (about the final and the last promise), then there is a difference of opinion about what is meant by the final and the last promise: is it the return (to Palestine), or the Day of Judgment or else? Even according to the statement that it is the return (to Palestine), then it is just telling about what will happen and not an acknowledgement of what will happen, and it is not an acknowledgement that this land is for the Jews.

The above elaboration is concerning what you mentioned about the first person. As regards the second person whom you mentioned that he claims to be a Sunni Muslim, then there is no need to refute his (baseless) statements.

Allaah Knows best.

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