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  • Baseless statements of a so-called Muslim Zionist Date: 22-7-2011

    As-salam 'alakum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu! I have been reading something online that I find extremely disturbing to me! There are some people who call themselves “Muslim Zionists"! Basically, these misguided people support "Israel" over Palestine! I am extremely shocked that there are some people who call themselves “Muslims” and actually.. More

  • Honor is only attained in Islam Date: 10-4-2011

    Islam states that Muslims are the most honorable people on earth. Why, then, all this humiliation and indifference that Muslims suffer from all the disbelieving countries? Will Arabs be united one day?.. More

  • Israel will cease to exist Date: 28-2-2011

    What is the Sharee‘ah ruling on identifying the year 2044 as the year that will mark the end of the state of Israel, through the number of letters and chapters of the Quran and the number of verses? .. More

  • Every Muslim is responsible for the crisis the Muslim nation is in Date: 4-10-2010

    What is the ruling on the attitude of Muslim scholars in the current situation faced by the Muslim nation? Will they be regarded as sinful? Will they be reckoned on the Day of Judgment for what is going on today in Jerusalem and its surrounding areas? I have read that the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, receives daily news of the Muslims... More

  • Causes of the Muslims' setbacks and defeat Date: 29-12-2009

    What are the causes of the Muslims' current setback and division? It is true that an Islamic awakening is underway? .. More

  • Palestine is an Islamic endowment Date: 3-1-2006

    Could you please explain to me whether or not something I heard about Palestine is correct or not? I heard that Palestine is a Wakf, i.e. it is a Muslim trusts could you please confirm that to me along with the Islamic evidence. .. More

  • Palestine was /is/ and will remain a Muslim land forever Date: 5-7-2004

    Jews claim that Allah gave them the Holy Land forever. So, Muslims don't have any right over Palestine. Please explain in details. If promise of Allah is true, then how can we deny the claim of Jews?.. More

  • Muslims ruled by non-Muslims Date: 25-4-2004

    Why are Muslims ruled by non-Muslims? What is the reason?.. More

  • Reasons for the weakness of Muslims Date: 17-2-2004

    As Mr. Mahathir pointed out, "Muslims do not know how to think." Is it the result of cross-breeding and it will take generations to correct? Will Muslims now begin?.. More

  • The duty of Muslims at this critical time Date: 21-6-2003

    This is the 21st century and all the signs before Judgement Day have appeared but it is very sad to say that the Muslims are still in the darkness and they are asleep. Tell me what should the few perfect Muslims do now a days?.. More

  • The Causes Required For Muslims Triumph Date: 10-6-2003

    Is it possible that Allah has abandoned this Muslim generation for the time being: bearing in mind Muslim defeats all around the world? .. More

  • Arab lack of attention to Palestinian cause Date: 4-2-2003

    I want to know why Arabs are sleeping. In other word, why don't they show attention to the Palestinian people, especially in this holy month? It is really a shame to talk rather than act... More

  • Muslims separated worldwide Date: 2-2-2003

    Why Muslims are separated all over the world?How can I have the Holy Qur'an?.. More

  • When Muslims will re-take the leading role Date: 4-1-2003

    When will Jerusalem be retrieved from Jews by Muslims? Who will this? (mainly countries) When will the conquest of Rome will happen? Is it before the Jesus's arrival or after? Who will lead this?.. More

  • Wearing Hijab in Tunisia Date: 5-11-2002

    I'm trying to wear Hijab but it's forbidden in Tunisia so I need some advice to know if I really have to take it off... More