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Asking a Non-Muslim for Supplication


When a non-Muslim friend wishes me on my birthday, while thanking her, is it okay to say "Have me in your prayers too"?Or even when I'm sick, and my non-Muslim friend wishes me good health, is it okay to ask them also to have me in their prayers? I do understand that asking Duaa by myself is one of the greatest things, but is it okay to tell my friends that statement?


All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) is His slave and Messenger.

You should not ask your non-Muslim friend for supplication. We have previously explained in a Fatwa posted in the Arabic section of our website that it is prohibited to ask a non-Muslim for supplication. Although some jurists held that it is allowable, we believe that this opinion is wrong for the following reasons:

First, asking a non-Muslim for supplication in the present time, in which the call for the unity of religion has spread and all religions are being promoted as being true and different paths to Allah, The Almighty, is inapt. We believe that asking non-Muslims for supplication contributes to the promotion of this corrupt concept. The deception of Muslims is taking place at such times when drawing a line between belief and disbelief is highly required.

Second, asking a non-Muslim for supplication makes him feel highly esteemed and that he is a righteous and pious servant whose supplications are answered by Allah while this is untrue! A non-Muslim is not a righteous servant of Allah; he is rather misguided, and his good deeds are not accepted by Allah, The Exalted. Although his supplications may be answered, this does not constitute a valid reason for a Muslim to ask him for supplication.

Third, asking a non-Muslim for supplication involves pleading to Allah, The Exalted, through the supplication of a person whom He dislikes; a non-Muslim is disliked by Allah, and it is inconceivable to beseech Allah through the supplication of someone whom He dislikes!

Fourth, asking a non-Muslim for supplication deceives him into believing that his false religion is true and that his supplications are answered, which is untrue. It could also deceive Muslims into believing in this as well when they are informed that it is allowable to ask non-Muslims for supplication! They may mistakenly assume that non-Muslims are upon a good religion and that they are righteous and pious in the sight of Allah! Rather, a Muslim should strive in inviting non-Muslims to Islam instead of such compliments and deception. On the Day of Judgment, this non-Muslim may complain to Allah, The Exalted, about his Muslim friend who failed to edify him of the true religion of Allah and instead asked him for supplication!

As for Muslim friends, there is nothing wrong with asking them for supplication, and we have explained in a previous Fatwa that it is permissible for a Muslim to ask others to supplicate Allah, The Exalted, in his favor, taking into account the following points:

1- A Muslim should not accustom himself to that practice and neglect supplicating Allah, The Exalted, for himself.

2- There should be no fear that the person whom he asks for supplication would be deceived into falling into self-conceit.

3- He should hold the intention of benefiting himself and the one whom he asked for supplication because the Angels are commissioned to say ‘Ameen’ (lit. O Allah, answer his supplications) when he supplicates in favor of his fellow Muslim brother in his absence.
The Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said: “Whenever a Muslim supplicates for his (Muslim) brother in his absence, an Angel is stationed at his head, as often as he makes supplication that his brother may be given what is good the Angel in charge of him would say: Amen, and may the same be for you too.” [Muslim]

Accordingly, whenever a Muslim asks his fellow Muslim to supplicate Allah, The Exalted, in his favor, he should hold the intention of benefiting him by being the reason for receiving what is good because of his supplications in favor of his brothers.

Allah knows best.

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