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There are two different liquids that many people are confused about, liquid that comes from prostatic area, and the liquid that comes from glands which are before the prostate.
The color of sperm is white, the color of prostatic liquid is opaque, while the liquid that comes from glans penis has no color, and it is like clear water. To some people merely looking their wives causes a drop of this liquid this usually forms when one presses his penis. It is similar to the fluid that comes from the throat of people with allergies. So the question is what to do if one has this problem? It happens when one does not feel much excitation and erection of his penis.
The second point is, some people after having urinated do not feel any urine coming from inside but after some time if they press their penis they may find a little drop of urine. What should they do?


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

The liquids that come out of a male's penis are of three types and they have rulings in Shariah:

1. Al-Wadi, 2.Al-Madhi, 3.Al-Mani

1. Al-Wadi- This is a thick white fluid that usually comes after urinating, and it may come before urinating. It is not related to a desire. Wipe it off with water.

2. Al-Madhi: (prostatic fluid): This is a white, thin, sticky discharge caused by small sexual stimulation. Wash the entire penis and make Wudu (Ablution).

However, there is a difference of opinion if this fluid comes out because of incontinence not because of sexual desire; whether this requires Wudu or not.

The majority of scholars including Abu Hanifa, Shafii and Ahmed are of the view that it requires Wudu (ablution). This is the preponderant opinion. However, Imam Malik said that Wudu is not obligatory in this case but desirable.

As regards the cloth that is moistened by this liquid, it should be washed; this is the opinion of Malik and Shafii.

However, Imam Ahmed said that it is enough to splash some water on the clothes.

3. Al-Mani: This is a white liquid that comes out with strength when there is an ardent desire, and smells like palm trees or dough.

The above different names are known; we should not mix their meanings, or have doubts regarding their source whether they come from glands, or from the prostate, etc.

Allah knows best.

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