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  • A revert in distress laments the lack of concern from fellow Muslims Date: 3-3-2013

    Salam alaikum,Since I reverted ~4 year ago I have-as Allah says in 2:155-lost my health,wealth,family,friends,job and now also my beloved cat.My life continuously went downhill.Muslims in my city & from other places look as my life goes downhill,but don't help or find kind words.I follow the oppinion,that demonstrating & rebelling is haram,for.. More

  • Ways to guide new Muslims Date: 9-2-2012

    In the name of Allaah, the Most Merciful, the Ever Merciful Assalaamu 'alaykum, One of our female acquaintances has recently embraced Islam. What are the ideal methods to help her remain steadfast in Islam?.. More

  • One’s responsibility for his/her sins before embracing Islam Date: 15-9-2011

    salam aleikum sheikh. i have one important question... i am muslim and my parents are not...they dont axept my islam and have been making war with me now for more than 3 years.. in the past when i was younger and not muslim my dad have take fotografs of me and film me with camera from hollidays and from diffrent places like from the beach where im.. More

  • Her daughter is negatively affected by her ex-husband and non-Muslim family Date: 7-8-2011

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah I would like to get some advice on my situation which is giving me a great deal of distress. I have a daughter three years old from my ex husband. I am a convert to Islam, and after i wanted to start practising Islam i got a lot of problems with my daughters father. He is born muslim but does not practise his religion.. More

  • He has problems with his non-Muslim mother and sisters Date: 2-8-2011

    I just became muslim now recently. How can I become good muslim if I work shifts and its inconveniant for me to make my salaahs. If I can`t, I feel so guilty that could`nt? And I have a mother whose still christian who don`t want to except me now, and to make matters worst she got schitsophrenia and diabetes. I`m the only one looking after her,.. More

  • She embraced Islam, but her husband did not Date: 10-5-2011

    Assalamu Aleikum.I was been separated with my non-muslim husband several years back because of differences. Luckily along the way of working in muslim country,i was enlightened to serve Allah by reverting in Islam 2009. I have not formally concluded my marriage with my husbnd,until i learned that he may be interested into Islam,but the fact that we.. More

  • She is afraid to meet her non-Muslim family with Hijab Date: 11-10-2010

    assalam alaikum, im in dubai now! i converted to islam, my family back home is not muslim but they did accept me for being a muslim, im planning to go for vacation, my city is not a muslim and most of the people is afraid for muslim, my question is that okey if i will take off my hijab for security reason? im from philippines. .. More

  • Her non-Muslim parents are turning her daughter against her Date: 25-7-2010

    salam aleikum... i have one question that is very important! i have one daughter who is 7 years old..i have get her with one man before i was muslim and he is kafer.. he have chose not to have contact with my daughter...two and half years ago i became muslim hamdolillah.. one year after that i have married my husband, who is one very good husband and.. More

  • He is afraid to migrate and leave his non-Muslim mother alone Date: 21-1-2010

    Assalaam Alaykom My question is simular to others about making hijrah. I am a revert to Islam and come from a non muslim family. My mother is ageing but healthy and we have a wonderful relationship alhamdulillah. She has already stated that she wishes not to live in a muslim country with me. I feel that it would be better for me to raise a family and.. More

  • A new Muslim woman persecuted by her family and society Date: 12-1-2010

    Assalam alaikom, I need your help and your advice. I am a revert of 3 years. I found Islam through your site and a few others which is what led me to convert. I am the ONLY muslim in my area, or that I know of. I am a 28 year old female. I live with my parents and I am greatly persecuted. Not only by my family but by many in this town. I use to live.. More

  • New Muslim woman left her parents' house to practice Islam Date: 15-6-2009

    assalam wa alykuma reverted muslim sister got married with a muslim with the help of a muslim organisation. she left her parents because they were forcing her to study in a co-ed college and were not letting her wear hijab and her future was also insecure if she would have continued to stay with her family.she informed her parents after leaving the.. More

  • Wants to migrate to a Muslim country but her non-Muslim family lives in UK Date: 3-6-2009

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatahu I am a student born in UK, I became muslim one year ago alhamduliilah, and this is my last year of study. I have the opportunity to work here for one year helping disabled people find occupation. Should i do this for one year as my fiancee (muslim) and family (kufar) are here in UK. Or should i go to.. More

  • New Muslim wearing a cross to please her non-Muslim parents Date: 19-11-2008

    Salam Aleikom. My name is Mariam and I live in Cyprus. I have converted to Islam since the beginning of August from Christian Orthodox. However, my family do not know that I have converted. I am married to a Muslim but however my husband has not been the reason for me converting to Islam. The reason is because I started to ask questions about Islam,.. More

  • A new Muslim sitting with non-Muslim parents while they are drinking alcohol Date: 23-3-2008

    Asalam alaycum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. May Allah azzawajal bless you for your efforts. My parents, are not muslims, im convert to islam since 6 years wal hamdulilah, since 4 years we was in war because of Islam, but now they accept me with niqab, my husband with bear and having many wives...they also cook for us in hallal way.They are open to.. More

  • New to Islam and wants to accompany his Muslim wife working abroad Date: 2-3-2008

    My wife is about to return home here in the Philippines next month (March2008) after completing three years of working in Saudi Arabia. My wife told me that she would only return to Saudi to work again if I will go with her and that I should convert to Muslim. I have been self studying Islam since 2005 and recently I converted to Muslim (last Feb4/2008.. More