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  • New Muslimah Wants to Change Her Family Name to Her Husband's Last Name Date: 30-4-2003

    I'm a converted Muslimah who is looking to change my name legally. My first name (American) has a bad meaning, so I want to definitely change that. However, I also want to change my American last name to my husband's name. My American last name has a neutral meaning (not good, not bad), but I would really like a Muslim last name. I know that we are.. More

  • Learned to Recite Al-Faatihah Correctly in a Dream Date: 29-3-2003

    I am a convert to Islam, and my husband started trying to teach me the Fatiha when I expressed the desire to pray. I could not learn it, no matter how hard I tried. Then after quite a long period of time, about three or four months, I had a dream in which I recited the Fatiha without a single mistake. I learnt Fatiha by heart in a dream. Can you tell.. More

  • Responsibilities of young dependent Muslims Date: 25-1-2003

    A young girl accepted Islam with her free will but she is dependent on her family, so is it compulsory for her to follow the rulings of Shari'a?.. More

  • Christian Man Wants to Become Muslim and Save Young Daughter Date: 1-12-2002

    A Christian man is married to a Christian woman but he wants to divorce her and marry a Muslim girl. He has a daughter who was born in the Christian marriage. If he became a Muslim he will lose his daughter. What is the solution? Does his daughter become Muslim when he changes his religion? She is 3 years old. .. More

  • Muslim Convert Wants to Marry Muslim Man Date: 29-9-2002

    Can a woman who converted from Christianity to Islam get married to a Muslim man? This woman was married to a Christian man and has 1 child. She converted to Islam 4 months ago and she didn't inform her husband about that. She and her Christian husband were living in separate countries for the last year. She is practicing Islam now and she wants to.. More

  • Finding job wearing Hijab in Brazil is difficult Date: 27-7-2002

    I know a woman from Brazil, who became a Muslim recently. She wears Hijab now but she said she may be forced to take off her Hijab if she want to find a job there. She lives alone and she really needs money to survive. She really tried to find a job with Hijab but she didn't find any.What can she do? .. More

  • Changing one's name after embracing Islam Date: 21-7-2002

    If someone comes to Islam must be change his name? For example, if his name is Philip does he have to change it to an Arabic-type name?.. More

  • A High Schooler May Face Problems with Family If He Becomes a Muslim Date: 15-7-2002

    I have made a friend on the Net. He is 17 years old, in high school. He asked me about Islam. He feels he wants to be a Muslim, but his family said that they will kill him if he becomes a Muslim. Should he wait until he is no longer dependent on his family to be a Muslim? Or, should be convert now? This means a lot of problems with his family. .. More

  • Wants to learn Qur'an and prayers Date: 14-4-2002

    I just became Muslim and I have a fiance in Jordan and because we are so many miles apart, he always wants to break up! I am faithful. I praise Allah, but do not know the prayers yet as I do not have the Qur'an. It's impossible to get one where I live as there are no Muslims here! I have never met Nasr personally but have seen him only on the Net through.. More

  • A New Convert in UK with Non-Muslim Parents Date: 5-9-2001

    I am a convert to Islam, Al-hamdulillah and I was wondering what the rules regarding my situation would be, according to the Qur'an and Sunnah. I am living with my non-Muslim, atheist parents in an area with no Islamic community in United Kingdom. I am unable to wear Hijab outside because of my dad's beliefs about it and my workplace do not accept it... More