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  • Wants to become a Muslim but her husband is not a Muslim Date: 16-8-2005

    My name is Depti, I'm an Indian Hindu girl working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. Recently I started reading about Islam, and I got completely convinced by its teachings, and I believe now in God Oneness and in Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ). I'm married to a Hindu man and I have one kid from him. I just came to.. More

  • Her parents refuse to accept her as a Muslim and force her to participate in Christian rituals Date: 30-3-2005

    I wrote to you before, and I had a few more questions to ask of you. (My FatwaNo. is 8528). I have embraced Islam and I believe that there is only one God, and I believe that Muhammad is a Messenger of God. Even before I emailed you, I felt this way about God and now I've come to terms with it. I have made the most awful mistake of telling.. More

  • Her becoming a Muslim may cause a heart attack to her father Date: 24-3-2005

    I am a Christian, and I am interested in adopting Islam (if I became positive of my feelings), but I'm afraid that if I convert and make it open, I'll break my family's hearts. My family has been Christian for generations, and my father is such a weak man at heart. I'm afraid he'll have a heart attack. I'm so afraid. What should I do? I hate.. More

  • Confused about her Islamic obligations Date: 22-3-2005

    Please give me advice in my situation. I am a convert Al-Hamdulillaah, living in a non-Muslim country. I graduated at university this month. Now I have to search for a job, because otherwise I have to move back from the capital to my parents' house, in a small town, which in itself is not bad but I need to live in the capital because it is the.. More

  • He converted to Islam but his wife will not Date: 16-3-2005

    I wanted to know what should be done if my wife and I are married, I convert to Islam but she is unwilling (to convert). .. More

  • Wants to become a Muslim but her parents forbade it Date: 16-3-2005

    I'm an Indian girl from catholic Christian family, I came to know about Islam during my work in Saudi Arabia, and now I'm completely convinced by its teaching and message. I want really to convert to Islam but I have very big problem with my family, I am sure that this is not exceptional case, but I'm very afraid and panic. I started the subject.. More

  • New convert having difficulty adapting to Islam Date: 15-2-2005

    I am new to Islam. Before my conversion I was all into going out to bars, drinking almost everyday, but I have already decided to give all of that up. I pray on my knees, and bow as it is told to in the Qur'an, but I still don't know exactly how to pray and what to recite except for the first Surah. It gets really discouraging more and more everyday,.. More

  • Wants to change her name Date: 9-2-2005

    My name is Kirsty Davies. I have changed my name to 'Alliyah in my every day life, but have not changed it through the courts or asked my family to call me that name. Does my name have a bad meaning? Should I change my name through the courts? Should I ask my family to call me 'Alliyah? I know it upsets them especially my mum. .. More

  • New Muslim not fasting during Ramadan Date: 29-12-2004

    I'm a new convert to Islam, but as I'm only 16, my parents still don't know that. I come from Croatia, and I would ask how bad is it when I'm unable to perform things like Ramadhaan fasting. I know I'm doing what I can, but it still bothers me... so, please help me with your answer. I know I should maybe tell them, but I think they are not ready.. More

  • New Muslima's questions Date: 4-7-2004

    I am a new Muslim. I do don't know the prayers' times though I know what to do before prayers. Can you inform me when the month of Ramadan will be this year? I am trying my best to follow Islam; none of my family member is Muslim. So, please help me... More

  • She wants to become Muslim, but only knows English Date: 19-5-2004

    Ibelieve in Allah and Islam and want to follow. The problem is I am born English and have to teach myself about Islam I don't speak any Arabic and I would like to learn. How do I do this as I can only pray in English to Allah? He understands as a Muslim I would like to pray the right way. Please tell me how. .. More

  • New Muslim wants advice Date: 18-5-2004

    I have been convert to Islam since July 2003. I want to be a very good Muslim, but I can't find the help I need. I search on line, but I don't have much time because I attend school and work. I'm single, have not entered a mosque, and will wait until I'm married. I pray the 5 daily prayers. Am I going in the right direction? I would prefer.. More

  • Guardian of a new Muslim lady Date: 1-11-2003

    As a marriage is not valid without the consent of a Wali (guardian), will the marriage be valid if she has converted and that her conversion to Islam is against the consent of the parents?.. More

  • A New Revert Befriending a Pious Muslim Man Date: 4-10-2003

    I am a new revert, I declared my Shahada today. The road ahead is hard. My whole context is Christian and I am married to a Christian minister. We have two children. We live where there are few Muslims. I went to a Mosque but it was filthy and the men rude. I know only one Muslim who has led me this path. He is a friend who is married to a Christian.. More

  • Confused about her many name changes Date: 13-9-2003

    I have been a Muslim for almost three years, Al-Humdu Lillah, and I have recently come across a ruling about name changes. I have changed my whole name. When I became a Muslim I adopted a Muslim first name, but did not change my name legally. Then I got married. I was considering what to do about my name then because, as you know, in the West we (women).. More