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  • She Can’t Find a Place to Perform Ablution in College as Bathrooms Are Unisex Date: 4-5-2023

    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah, I go to a college in a non muslim country where the washrooms are unisex meaning boys and girls (who are non-muslim) use the same washroom. i cannot make wudu in their because while doing wudu I obviously have to wash my awrah e.g. arms etc. and we all know women can't show their awrah to non-muslim women and non-mahram.. More

  • Performing ablution with cream on one’s skin Date: 9-4-2023

    I’m having difficulty making wudhu and ghusl because of the obligation to rub if has applied creams. Is it obligatory to rub the skin if one has used shampoo/soaps? Would it still be obligatory if one uses water solluble moisturizers, or washes off the moisturizer with water before making wudhu? If you could, please give me practical steps to follow.. More

  • Does watching indecent images break ablution? Date: 30-3-2023

    Does seeing pornographic content itself break wudu?Just seeing pornographic content, not masturbating to it or anything. .. More

  • Discharges that break Prayer and ablution Date: 26-3-2023

    Assalamu Alaikum. my question is about vaginal discharge, recently i read on here about what ‘wadi’ looks like. so i was praying fajr prayer and i felt something come out and then after praying i checked and saw what i would like to think of as ‘wadi’ because it was thin and yellowish, do i have to repeat my salah knowing that ‘wadi’ nullifies.. More

  • She Used to Pray Without Wudu Date: 12-3-2023

    As salam alaykum, sometime I used to pray without wudu .does this act takes me out of Islam ? I never had intention to mock islam and it's ruling .what should I do now ? .. More

  • Fails to Wash His Fingertips in Ablution Date: 31-1-2023

    I usually wash my hands to the elbows when rubbing my arms in Wudu however I sometimes miss out the finger tips is my wudu valid .. More

  • Rulings related to incontinence and Prayer Date: 15-1-2023

    If incontinent person prays (while being incontinent), then sometime after prayer, incontinence stops, if there is still time for current prayer, does he have to do it again? .. More

  • Using used water for wiping the head in ablution Date: 14-1-2023

    Assalaamu 'Alaykum. Fatwa 177311 is about using new water for wiping the head in wudhu. I don't use new water and just use the leftover water from washing my arms. Is the position regarding the permissibility of not using new water strong enough, or should i make up past prayers? If I don't use new water, can i wipe the ears without new water or would.. More

  • Ruling on Washing the Hands After Eating Date: 24-10-2022

    If after performing wudhu one has to eat should he wash his hands again or not .. More

  • Suffering from Urine Incontinence and Prayer Date: 15-9-2022

    If a person with urine incontinence make wudu right after sunset will it be valid until zuhr? .. More

  • Prayer of a Person Carrying a Bottle Containing Urine with Tightened Cap Date: 27-3-2022

    If a person is in hospital with his relative who is ill,the person has to carry a bottle of urine of his relative for some urinary test to be done. The bottle is totally sealed,no urine comes out from it,no smell too,it is totally isolated. He carried the bottle in his pocket and made ablution and prayed in congregation,after that he went to hospital.. More

  • Removing Mucus of Nose in Ablution and Ghusl Date: 10-2-2022

    It is necessary to remove mucus of nose in wudu and ghusul .. More

  • Circulating Water with One Scoop (Handful) of Water Over the Body Part in Ablution Date: 8-2-2022

    Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh. Dear Shaikh, I want to ask. During wudoo, is scooping water with hand with one scoop, then pushing the water to each body part surface that is need to be washed in wudoo, with the one scoop, is counted as washing (الغسل) and is not counted as wiping (المسح)?Jazaakumullahu khoyroo .. More

  • Has Urinary Incontinence Date: 3-2-2022

    Salamu 'alykumPlease don't refer to any fatwa.I've read many on your website.I've urinary incontinence. To pray Maghrib in mosque I enter toilet 10 minutes before Maghrib starts and I urinate and wash myself and When Maghrib time starts I wipe remaining urine from my penis and make wudu.Is it okay? .. More

  • Suffers from Urine Incontinence Date: 24-1-2022

    I can't control my urine.After the time of prayer starts I pour water on my underwear and make wudu.I read in your fatwas that it is obligatory to put a cloth on penis.I don’t put any cloth on my penis because it keeps moving from its place and touches my pant.Sometimes I don't wear underwear. Is my salat valid? .. More