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  • Impermissible to dispose of the Mus-hafs in mosques Date: 30-1-2014

    We live in a European country. There are Mus-hafs that have been made exclusive to the mosque where we pray, as in all mosques. Is it permissible to give any of these Mus-hafs to the people who need them, because of their scarcity in that country?.. More

  • Ruling on selling jewelry bequeathed to be worn not sold Date: 9-1-2014

    My grandmother died; and she has four daughters and four old-fashioned gold bracelets. She told her daughters to take those and put them on. But the daughters want to sell them and buy fashionable bracelets. Is selling them permissible?.. More

  • Amount of estate and beneficiaries unspecified in will Date: 8-1-2014

    Assalaamu ‘Alaykum; Please calculate the inheritance according to the following information -Does the deceased have male relatives who are entitled to inherit: (A nephew from a full brother) Number 8 - The will which the deceased left behind and that is related to his inheritance is : Some inheritance were given gold jewlery .. More

  • Will beneficiary must be explicitly named Date: 28-12-2013

    A/o brother.I would like to know that my father bought a land on his own name due to incomplete papers as the land was under evaluation by concerned local govt. Body. He has pure intentions that he'll transfer it in name of my mother just because he dont want that she visit court to get all dox. 3 yrs ago he passed away & i took attorney & once.. More

  • Building a mosque on possibly stolen land Date: 15-12-2013

    : Is it possible to make a Jumuah Masjid in the other place nearby for the same community upon the land given (Oakfaw-Land given by someone Lillah) for previous Masjid’s expense purpose? Situation 1: Old masjid is a place upon small land in between two home in village area where woman are used take bath in pond closer to masjid. Situation 2: Land.. More

  • Charging fees for Masjid parking area Date: 13-12-2013

    Assalammu Allaikum, can people muslims & few non muslims who come for busniess to our town from other towns park their vehicles in the masjid parking area, have the board of trustees of the masjid have the right to allow the parking of the vehicles free of charge or charge a parking fee, because the people using the parking for their personal gain.. More

  • Building a hospital on land where 'Eed prayers were held for forty years Date: 13-12-2013

    Asalamu Alikum Wa Rehamatullah. Dear Brothers In our village 40 years back the people of village selected a location for offering Eid Prayer. The Land selected is a Grazing field originally, under the control of Govt. of J&K. Now the people of village want to have a Govt. hospital on this location and want to Select a new Location for Eid Prayer... More

  • The will must be executed even if the heirs are in need of all the estate Date: 9-6-2013

    Asalam o Rehmato wa Barkato!!!!! We are a family of 5 member my parents and my younger a brother and sister.Sister is the youngest. My father who has retired from his job and he is getting Just his pension.He was work as a Junior assistant where he draw very poor salary.We brother and sister have not yet married. I am graduate person who is jobless.. More

  • Making a bequest to some grandchildren apart from others Date: 2-4-2013

    Assalam alaykum. I have 2 brothers + 1 sister. My sister and I have 2 sons each, brothers have no children. Our father wrote a piece of land in the name of my sister and myself with the agreement of my brothers. He wrote also a piece of this land to each of my nephews, i.e. each has a piece. He did not write anything to my sons. My sister lives in the.. More

  • Accepting non-Muslim's contribution to mosque maintenance Date: 29-12-2012

    CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE UP FATWA ON THE BELOW MENTIONED ISSUE: DOOR: NO: 15-60/2, MOSQUE STREET, BOBBILI-535558, VIZIYANAGARAM DIST, ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA CELL : 9030097103/9642969896 E-Mail: As salamwalakum, SUB: We can use the rent of shop belonging to Mosque which is going to construct by a Non-Muslim for the Mosque I hereby.. More

  • A grandfather making a will that his pension be given to his grandson Date: 2-5-2012

    can a person make a will to give the pesion money to his grandson while leagly it is the right of his wife and his wife is alive?.. More

  • Conditions of taking from the property of the orphans Date: 13-10-2011

    My uncle died some years ago I am in charge of his house while the children were still young. This house was rented and generating some money. But I used part of this money to pay for their education and cloth them and also used part of the money myself with the intention of paying it back. Because I used to record any amount I used. I was struggling.. More

  • The use of endowments differ according to continuity Date: 19-7-2011

    Does a continuous charity extend for a certain period of time? For example, I donate sums of money for the heating and maintenance of the neighborhood mosque. Supposing that the mosque – Allaah forbid – was subjected to demolition or destruction by an earthquake, will the reward for the charity continue or stop?.. More

  • Executing a will in light of the balance of probabilities Date: 18-7-2011

    Lady “a” entrusted lady “b” with some money and asked her not to give the money to her daughter, i.e. the daughter of lady “a”. Then lady “a” died leaving behind her only daughter as her inheritor. What should lady “b” do? Is she required to implement the will of lady “a” or should she give the money to the inheriting daughter?.. More

  • It is not permissible to make a will depriving rightful heirs of inheritance Date: 18-7-2011

    There is a married woman who has a son, and her husband is still alive. She has a share of inheritance from her deceased father and keeps it with her brothers. She asked her brothers not to give the money to anyone in case she dies (she means by “anyone” her husband and the family of her husband), because she is certain that they will take the.. More