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  • A mother made a will to divide her inheritance against Shariah Date: 1-5-2007

    Assalamu Alaikum, I'm an Indian working in Saudi Arabia. My father passed away before my birth in 1954, leaving my brother, 2 sisters and myself behind. My brother also passed away two years ago leaving one son and two daughters (married) behind. My mother also died last year. Now,there are some land properties in my mother's name which is to be shared.. More

  • The endowment can not be taken back once it is in effect Date: 19-12-2006

    Assalamu alaikum.We formed a public charitable trust in March 2006.I am the Executive and there are two other trustees.So in all 3 of us are in the Trust.I resigned about few days back because I was being forced to take all responsibilities and also non availability of time.Now for the purpose of running the Trust we had an office.All the workings.. More

  • Using money collected as funds for a mosque in other community projects Date: 28-9-2006

    One of my students asked me: What will the ruling of shari’ah upon the issue of money borrowed for buiding a new community centre for our community in Canada with the following conditions: 1) The money has been collected from the worshippers before and after Friday prayers for a long time of period and designated as funds for the Masjid. 2) The.. More

  • Endowment of a land which is mortgaged for its price Date: 17-8-2006

    We have been given a piece of land as waqf to build a mosque, but we can not obtain the title to it because the some morgage is still unpaid. My understanding is that for waqf to be valid the land must be free from any burdence/obligation. Please clarify. Thank you kindly. Ninin.. More

  • Implementing the will of a mother who bequeathed to her daughters Date: 8-8-2006

    before mother died , told the family her jewelry and clothes to be given to her tis haram, dand against sharaa.does father and brothers share daughters in inheriting these items ... More

  • Fulfilling the will of the deceased father Date: 24-11-2005

    My father, Rahimahu Allaah, passed away three weeks ago. He specifiyed some money to one of his daughters before the inheritance. He said 2000 American dollar must be given to one daughter, 1800 is assigned for Hajj for his father, mother, and grand father. We are three brothers and three sisters. My question is can we keep this Wassiyah.. More

  • Father makes his new wife and her children his beneficiaries Date: 30-6-2005

    I am one of the 4 children, 1 girl and 3 boys. My father and mother divorced many years ago and my father has since remarried. He has purchased a new home and has advised us that he will designate his new wife as his beneficiary, leaving the home entirely to his wife and her 3 children. His wife and step-children do not work so therefore do.. More

  • Continuous charity Date: 13-6-2005

    What is Sadaqathun Jaariyah and its significance? .. More

  • A non-Muslim wants to leave custody of her children to a Muslim should she die Date: 6-6-2005

    Is it okay for a single parent who is not a Muslim to ask if a Muslim friend would be the kids' guardian if the parent dies? The mother of the kids is afraid the kids will be put in the wrong hands and miss guided. The mother of the kids is educating herself in Islam and is considering change. Also the father of the children does not want.. More

  • Managing endowment assets Date: 31-8-2004

    How to manage Waqf assets?.. More

  • Selling a mosque to buy a larger one Date: 24-4-2004

    I learned that they are going to sell the mosque near to me in order to buy a larger mosque. Is it permissible for them to do that? .. More

  • Writing a will and inheritance for family members Date: 10-4-2004

    I am married and I have two boys and two girls in addition to my mother, ‎my father, sisters from my father side and a brother from my father and mother. Howshould I write my Will and the inheritance for these family members if they have any part ‎of my inheritance? .. More

  • A Muslim died leaving his house to the community Date: 25-3-2004

    A Muslim brother died after leaving his house to the Muslim community to be used as a mosque. He has no child but his late brother has children. How can the property be divided? His will shows that his house be rebuild and use for a mosque, but he did not mention anything about his other property. What should be done?.. More

  • The Will Is Limited to a Third of the Property Date: 7-10-2003

    As a divorced person with no children, I wish to bequeath all my assets to Islam. My Muslim lawyer advises that Qur'an ascribes share to my brothers and sisters. My brothers and sisters did not contribute anything and they are well off. What is my Islamic option? .. More

  • Unmarried Muslim in Non-Muslim Family Wants to Make a Will Date: 13-5-2003

    Can you advise me about making a will? I am a new Muslim and at present am not married. None of my biological family are Muslim. How do the inheritance laws affect me? Can I leave money to my non-Muslim relatives, and who else should I leave to? I live in Scotland and cannot find a lawyer who understands Islamic law sufficiently to help. .. More