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  • The will of a non-Muslim for his Muslim son Date: 28-6-2011

    Dear sheikhs, I understand that it is allowed for a Muslim to accept the will of a kafir parent and his or her share decided on in the will. However, the will of my non-Muslim father includes that half of his property should go to the church and the other half to me and my sister. Is it allowed for me to agree with this will that gives money to.. More

  • Bequest and gift for a relative: effective or ineffective? Date: 9-5-2011

    Is it permissible for a relative of mine to make me possess his property after his death? What is the concept of a gift? It should be known that he has a brother, yet he has entrusted me with the management of his property, as a gift, from him to me... More

  • Executing the will is part of religion Date: 9-5-2011

    Before his death, a man asked me to advise and guide his children to the true religion, which I cannot do, for I live far from them. What should I do, knowing that even if I had talked to him about that while he was breathing his last, he would not have paid attention to me, for he had something wrong with his hearing? Please advise me. .. More

  • The will of a non-Muslim for a Muslim is valid Date: 20-3-2011

    Assalaamu ‘Alaykum; Please calculate the inheritance according to the following information ۞- The will which the deceased left behind and that is related to his inheritance is : The deceased was christian but he willed all his fortune to his youngest brother (christian), youngest sister (converted muslim) and the youngest nephew (christian)... More

  • Wants to will her possessions like clothes, gold and books Date: 14-3-2011

    Assalam alaikum. Regarding making a will. To whom can I will my possessions like clothes , gold , books etc. If i die before making a will , would my husband and children be allowed to take them . .. More

  • She fears her ex-husband will harm her children after her death Date: 2-11-2010

    As salamu aleikum, I am divorced (in fact, it was khul'a for good reasons) and my two daughters (still under 10 yrs old) live with me, while my son (12 yrs old) lives with his father. I haven't seen him for several years. The father of the children has given us lots of problems since the divorce (because I used to have a good job and spend on him.. More

  • His uncle adopted a girl and gifted her his property Date: 14-3-2010

    Assalam O Alliqum My Uncle (elder to my father) is having no child and he has adopted a girl and upbringing her. His almost all property is gifted to her by him. I have listened that it is not (gift of property) is allowed in Islam. What would be the proper way of distribution of his property (May Allah grant him my life as well) but i would like.. More

  • Responsibilities of a Masjid management Date: 22-2-2010

    I would like to get advise regarding the responsibilities of a Masjid management specifically regarding the management of funds provided to the masjid by donors. Are they allowed to use the money raised to build a specific Masjid to build another or undertake other Islamically worthwhile projects such as schools? Is there an ethical code susch as those.. More

  • Whoever endows a mosque should take his hands off it Date: 18-11-2009

    I attend a mosque which has been "given" for waqf by a local family. However, they insist on retaining ownership of the building, which is registered in their name, and the running of the mosque affairs. They refuse to have an amir and shura for the mosque, despite repeated advice, and have on occasion behave rudely with worshippers. A majority of the.. More

  • The conditions set by the owner of the Waqf must be abided by Date: 3-9-2009

    Assalamu alaikum.My great grand father bequeathed a house constructed by him as an endowment- Waqful-Aulad- to his brolther’s sons and daughters The house is for daughters and female descendants from daughters to stay as per the wakaf deed and the muthawalli will be from female line only as long as the female descendants exists. In addition to this.. More

  • Wants to make a will preventing his parents from inheritance Date: 6-8-2009

    Dear scholars. Assalamualaikum. Can a Muslim [no wife, 1 son, 1 sister, 1 brother, parents, 8 nephews (* of which, 2 are adopted) & nieces, 1 long-serving maid] will his money / property as follows; a. To orphanage. b. Maid ($X sum for every year under his employment); c. Remaining balance $ (minus $X) to be equally / proportionately distributed.. More

  • Causing harm to any of the inheritors with a will is forbidden Date: 10-3-2009


  • Selling a mosque to be used in forbidden matters Date: 5-3-2009

    salalmo alaikom,regarding fatwa number 87548 about selling a mosjed to buy another one ,my quetion is :what about if who ever is buying the masjed can possibly make it a place where girls and boys can kiss each other in their cars and drinking alcohol in the masjeds parking lot ? [[thats in USA]].. More

  • Transferring a Waqf account from an Islamic bank to another Date: 23-2-2009

    Is it permissible by Islamic Shariah for me to wiothdraw my WAQF account from an Islami bank and deposit it to another Islami bank for getting more profit to utilise the money in welfare of the poors?.. More

  • Changing the purpose of an old mosque Date: 26-1-2009

    We are trying to build a new masjid next to our old Masjid. Once the new Masjid is build, what should we do with the old one? We were told that once a buliding is a masjid it has to stay that way or build a new masjid on the same ground as the old one... More