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  • Gay and Seeks Guidance

    I have a Muslim friend who taught me few things about Islam and I was really moved and touch by it, but I'm gay and I never choose to be and I know I can't change it, so what can I do? .. More

  • Family relations broken by sister's fabricated story

    What does Islam say about a sister who damaged the relationship between the son who is 36 years old and his entire family by fabricating a story about the lady he is marrying and hence the son's mother disowned him?.. More

  • Working with a Muslim Homosexual Co-Worker

    Thank you for the invaluable help that you offer. I work in a psychiatric clinic and I have a co-worker who is a pleasant man, he does his job very well and he helps his colleagues and he performs the Salat. However I overheard him talking on the telephone (he did not know that I was listening) and I found out that he is sexually attracted to men and.. More

  • A Married Man Kissed a Woman and Touched Her Hand

    I'm married and but I kissed a women and I touch her hands and I know that is mistake, but I don't know if this is Zina? .. More

  • Wife's Visitation Rights to Her Parents after Marriage

    What is the ruling on the girl's visitation rights to her parent's house after marriage? Husband does not like her to visit her parents because of past family problems. Should the girl ignore her husband's wishes and go against him in this matter. The girl fears that parents are not happy because she has not visited them in a year. And they (parents).. More

  • Unity among Muslims

    All the time we hear that all Muslims should get united. But at the same time, we hear these words, "Arab Muslims", "Arabs and Muslims", 'Arabs' and 'Muslim world'. How can we tell our children and other people that Islam does not prefer one race over as other, since we see these phrases all the time? It is very hard for me to digest it. Is the word.. More

  • Zina with Jewish Girl

    I live in United States and I had sex with a Jewish girl. Some of my friends said that's ok because she wants to. I feel that what I do is wrong, but I feel happy when I kiss her and when I squeeze her breasts and so on I want your opinion for what I do? .. More

  • Who is homosexual?

    Dear brother I want to know what is a homosexual? Is the man whose sex is changed or the person who do bad evil thing (zinha) with his hand? .. More

  • Incest Between Brother and Sister

    What is the punishment of a brother who has sex with his sister? And how can he be forgiven? .. More

  • Sexual Abuse by Muslim Family Members

    I am a Muslim woman. As a child I was sexually abused and raped by a fellow Muslim who was very close to my family. I do not remember when it started, but it stopped when I became old enough to say 'NO’ and stand up for my self. At that point this man whom we had grown up to call uncle, broke all ties with my family, in fear of being exposed. For.. More

  • Answering questions about homosexuality

    Many ahadis forbids homosexuality and tells us the punishement of Allah (subhanah wa taallah) for these people. But I cannot explain why it is forbidden in Islam. When people ask me I say that Allah has created men for women and women for men, so it is not natural for homosexual to be together. Is that the real answer?.. More

  • Overwhelmed by Family Problems

    My father & my mother in-law are brother & sister. My mother died in 1981. My father married my mother stepsister who is 1/3 of my father age. My mother in-law & father is living very near. My father has two sons from second marriage. His elder son is 15, the other is 12. I have 5 brothers in-law. My husband is eldest son of his family... More

  • Right of a former homosexual to marry

    Is it right for a Muslim who was once homosexual, but who has reformed him or herself to marry?.. More

  • Arrogance of Arabs to non-Arabs

    I have seen so many Arabs who really are proud on their blood and treat non-Arabs cheap. Sometimes they can be arrogant. When you question them they say "I am Arab you are non-Arab". It really ticks me off. When I asked the Imam who is non-Arab, he said you should not say anything wrong to them because Prophet Muhammad was one of them and we respect.. More

  • Alcohol Is Forbidden in Islam

    Is alcohol forbidden in Islam? Please give me verses from the Qur'an where it is mentioned that it's HARAM, not just "filthy work of satan." .. More