822 fatwas

  • Combining the intention of missed fast with the voluntary fast Date: 19-4-2001

    Can we change another dress including under garments after taking ablution? Can we substitute the voluntary fast like Muharram (Sunnah) for missed fasts during the time of month of Ramadan? .. More

  • Eating and drinking out of forgetfulness while fasting Date: 12-4-2001

    In the case of voluntary fasting, if I forget and eat is the fasting correct or not? .. More

  • Celebrating ‘Eed Date: 29-3-2001

    During the last Eid celebration, some of our Muslim leaders in Nigeria declared the day of Arafat as the EID day. However, I have read in some Hadiths that it is highly recommended for one to fast on that day. What is the correct position - is the Eid celebrated on the day after Arafat or on Arafat day? .. More

  • Prophet's fasting on ninth of Muharram Date: 25-3-2001

    Prophet Mohammad migrated to Medina and saw Jews of Medina fasting on Ashoorah. He said: if I am alive next year, I will fast 9th and 10th (or 10th and 11th?) and he died before next Muharram. Prophet Mohammad stayed 10 years in Medina after migrating from Makkah. With reference to the Hadith of fasting on Ashoorah, how do we explain the above delay.. More

  • Asthma and fasting Date: 23-1-2001

    My mother suffers from asthmatic health problem. This causes diffulties in fasting. Is she allowed to use the inhaler which contains medicine? Would this nullify her fast? .. More

  • Wearing contact lens when fasting Date: 20-1-2001

    Wearing of contact lens when fasting, which are normaly dipped in chemical for disinfections. .. More

  • Committing sins during Ramadan Date: 21-12-2000

    I want to know if a person does bad thing like saying bad words watching bad films or some thing else in Ramadan what should he or she do for it? .. More

  • Meaning of Rafath Date: 17-12-2000

    What is the meaning of RAFATH which is forbiden (Haram) in Ramadan? What things can break my fast (Saum) from sexual side - touch wife, kiss, hug ...etc. because I am a newly married young man? .. More

  • Imsak before Fajr Date: 27-11-2000

    What is the ruling regarding Imsak before the Fajr? Is it Haram to eat or drink after the Imsak?.. More

  • Not Obligatory To Make Up Missed Days of Fasting Consecutively Date: 6-7-2000

    If one has to make up for missed fasts from Ramadan (around 20 or so days), do they have to make it up consecutively or can they fast Mondays and Thursdays only, until they make up the days? .. More

  • Fasting 6 days of Shawwaal but missed days of Ramadan Date: 7-2-2000

    I want to know if I could start fasting the 6 days of Shawal before or after making up the days I missed fasting in Ramadan? .. More

  • Optional fasting cannot be substituted for missed days of Ramadan Date: 30-1-2000

    A woman of 65 years asked about substituting days she didn't fast in Ramadan from many years ago, but she always fasted six days in Shawwal but not making up the missed days in Ramadan. She also fasted Mondays and Thursdays usually; she is trying now to substitute those days, which are many months. Can those days she fasted, without intending to substitute.. More

  • Fasting after nocturnal emission Date: 22-1-2000

    If one had a nocturnal emission, woke up about half an hour before fajr noticed it, but unfortunately, was too tired to take a shower before fajr, is it still permitted to fast the day? When he wakes up, he'll make ghusl. .. More

  • Fasting in Shawwaal before making up for missed days in Ramadan Date: 17-1-2000

    I want to know if I could start fasting the 6 days of Shawwal before or after making up the days I didn't fast in Ramadan? .. More

  • Punishment for eating during Ramadan Date: 3-1-2000

    What's the punishment for someone who eats during Ramadan? What can he do to solve this problem? .. More