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  • Loving one's non-Muslim country not sin Date: 23-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is it a sin for a person to love his non-Muslim country? .. More

  • The fact that Islam is comprehensive does not mean that it is totalitarian Date: 17-2-2016

    I have been debating with some friends of mine (who are newly converts to islam and lived all their lives with the conviction that democracy is the best governing system) on whether there is any area, field, or aspect of life that is not governed by Islam. I could provide a ruling for every aspect of lifein the sharia, so they came to the conclusion.. More

  • Why women should not be leaders though Queen of Sheba was successful Date: 16-2-2016

    Why did the Prophet, sallallaahu ʻalayhi wa sallam,say the following statement? I know about the Queen of Saba, who lived during the reign of Sulayman, may Allaah exalt his mention, and was a successful female ruler. What does that mean?The Prophet, said, "Never will a nation that makes a woman their ruler succeed." [Al-Bukhaari] .. More

  • Muslim gets precedence over non-Muslim in governance Date: 31-1-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum Shaykh. If we have to choose between the two following men for our leader, then who should we choose? 1. A muslim who commited bribery and abuse of power 2. A non-Muslim who seems to be clean of any misconduct. I really would appreciate to get your answer. Wassalaam. .. More

  • Should the Muslim ruler be the most knowledgeable among the Muslims? Date: 17-8-2015

    Did Muslim scholars stipulate that the Muslim ruler has to be the most knowledgeable among the Muslims? .. More

  • The requirements for the body that elects the Caliph Date: 13-4-2015

    Who appoints Ahlul Hall Wal'Aqd ?in other words how to know who should be its members. What are their obligatory characteristics. .. More

  • Hijrah recommended, not obligatory, if Islam can be practised openly in land of unbelief Date: 26-2-2015

    As salam aleikum. Ive read your many fatwas about hijra so please give me a personal verdict for my question and do not send me a fatwa of another previously asked question. With regards to living in dar ul kufr in the UK we practise reasonably well. We can eat halal, fast and pray and go to the mosques and go to hajj and can give zakat as well as dawah... More

  • Hadeeth about not fighting an unjust Muslim authority Date: 24-2-2015

    Assalamu'alaikum Can u tell me the authenticity of the following hadith:"Do not fight anunjustMuslim authority, even if he is immoral." .. More

  • A Muslim should obey the laws of the land unless it contravenes the religion Date: 11-2-2015

    I live in Finland and I cannot cut my hair in a public place because men also go there. My question is, can I go to a woman who cuts hair privately meaning she doesn't pay taxes which is considered illegal here according to Finnish law? Another question that stems from this is how should Muslims deal with sectarian laws? Are we obliged to abide by them.. More

  • Ruling on protests to demand rights for Muslim minority Date: 15-3-2014

    In my country, the government has categorized people into several different cast (forward cast , backward cast , most backward cast etc) , and every cast has a certain no of seats to apply for government jobs, joining in colleges etc. , for eg. if backward cast has 3 seats, every 3 in 100 people in govt jobs, colleges should be of backward cast even.. More

  • The ruling on kidnapping disbelievers for ransom Date: 28-1-2014

    Assalamualaikom brothers, I have these questions that needs your answer. 1. What can you say about kidnap for ransom? Some Muslims says, it is allowed because it is in the Quran Surat Muhammad verse 4. 2. When someone farted on his pants while outside his house (i.e. office), is he allowed to pray using his pants? I'll be waiting for your answer. Thank.. More

  • Legal rights of individuals in the Islamic Law Date: 17-12-2013

    What is the conditions of capacity to have legal rights for men, women and children? For example, In Turkish Law everbody can have legal rights since his or her birth. I am asking what is the situation in Islamic Law. Can a 5 year old child, a woman, an insane person or a slave have legal rights? I hope I explained my question well enough. Thank you... More

  • Position on places of worship in the countries that Muslims conquer Date: 5-10-2013

    assalamu alaykum, I read in some articles that Caliph Abu Bakr (ra) used to give list of advices to each commander before proceeding to war. Some of the advice were : (7) Do not disturb saints and worshippers of other religions. (8) Do not destroy places of worship. Is the above narration true? Is there any reference of this narration in authentic books?.. More

  • Ruling on shouting 'Allahu Akbar' in protests Date: 28-3-2013

    Assalamu Alaikum, Is it permissible to shout slogans like "Allahu Akbar" during protests and meetings. Some ahadith disallow reciting Dhikr or Allah's name loudly. Please clarify. regards, .. More

  • Jizyah at the time of the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam Date: 21-3-2013

    Assalamu Alaikum, Is there any evidence that the polytheists (mushriks) lived under Prophet (pbuh)'s rule either by paying or not paying Jizya? .. More