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  • Daarul Amaan versus Daarul Harb Date: 21-1-2010

    jazakallah for answering my question on Dharul Islam and Dharul Kufr. there is another problem. some muftis say that our country is neither Dharul Islam nor Dharul Kufr ,but Dharul Amaan. I want to know what is Dharul Amaan and under what category it falls. What can Muslims do in Dharul Amaan... More

  • Causes of the Muslims' setbacks and defeat Date: 29-12-2009

    What are the causes of the Muslims' current setback and division? It is true that an Islamic awakening is underway? .. More

  • Customs and means are permissible unless the opposite is proven Date: 8-3-2009

    In a previous fatwa you said: "Since these demonstrations are means, then they do not need a special evidence proving their permissibility, because, in principle, means are permissible. The one who claims that such demonstrations are forbidden is required to provide evidence about their prohibition." I don't understand what you mean when you say in.. More

  • There will be a Caliphate that follows the guidance of Prophethood Date: 22-12-2008

    i heard from a reliable aleem here in our town that there is a hadeeth that the Prophet Muhammad stated a prophecy that Islam will be govern in the world in 3 different stages: 1. prophet hood 2. Kulafi rashidin (4 rightly guided caliph) 3. Bloodline (Omayyad, Abbasid, ottoman) according to him, after this, Islam will fall on the world, and oppression.. More

  • Responsibility of Muslims if their government is not an Islamic one Date: 22-12-2008

    Asalam-o-Alikum My Question is What is the responsibility of an individual Muslim if in his country(Pakistan) there is no Islamic social and economic system. If he don't do anything to change that system then his individual Ibadah are accepted or not ? Like he prays five time, give zakat, Hajj , sadqa. To be more clear i want to ask about Individual.. More

  • Dealing with an unjust Muslim ruler Date: 3-12-2008

    Asslam alaikum, mention in alquraan ATTIOLLAH WA ATTIORRASUL WA ULILAMRI MNIKUM, is ULILAMRIMINKUM the ruler or the goverment ? what if the ruler are dalim ? .. More

  • Steadfastness upon faith is the way to success and victory Date: 11-11-2007

    What is the solution that would save our Muslim Ummah which is opposed by all other nations? I mean the solution that will recover the glory of the Ummah... More

  • Taking the act of the companions as evidence for the permissibility of demonstration Date: 21-6-2007

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rathmatullahi wa Barakatuhu I have been informed that at the time of the prophet (SAAW), there was an incident where the sahabahs and sahabiets walked around the Ka'bah, shouting and demonstrating against the oppression of the Quraish. This has been used as evidence that islamic demonmstration against the oppression of the disbelievers.. More

  • Voting to parties that oppose Islam Date: 22-1-2007

    My question is, if one of party openly denyed the teachings of islam. Whatever instructions given by the Sharia, and one muslim party is opposing it, how do u see? will it be correct to vote them and select them even we knew that they are oppossing Islam? I will appreciate if you can put some light on it, I intentially didn't mention party name to avoid.. More

  • Rights of Muslim residents in a Muslim country Date: 20-9-2006

    Assalam alikukm, Daer islamweb, i d'like to how a full explanation about the right of national moslim and a foreing moslim in the administration of the religion or others aspects of life in a country. As we know ,we are all moslins but a foreign can not haev the same right in any islamic country in the today world . Masslam .. More

  • Singing 'I worship my mother India' Date: 20-9-2006

    Assalamoalaikum I am a citizen of India and our government is making it obligatory to sing a song which has "I worship my Mother (India)" on seventh of September.I respect and love my country very much.What should I do?Please give me advice... More

  • Never will the Jews and Christians accept you until you follow their religion Date: 25-4-2006

    I am a Muslimah Al-Hamdulillah, and work in plywood factory in Finland named (Finnforest) I have been having a hard time because of my scarf. I can't understand how much they hate Muslims. Saudi Arabia is one of their clients and as Muslimah I can't see the way they cheat in doing the work using bad material... and more over calling Muslims drag heads..... More

  • Cultural Invasion: Its meaning, aims, means, methods and ways of encountering it Date: 23-3-2006

    What is cultural invasion? How did it appear and how should we encounter it? .. More

  • Joining political parties in non-Muslim countries Date: 14-1-2006

    I wonder if it permissible to join a political party here in the west, I live in Ireland and interesting in joining the main political party here (the republican party) whereas I do believe can lobby some issues concerning Muslims in this country in the future. .. More

  • How to hold fast to the Rope of Allaah Date: 14-1-2006

    Is it mandatory that we have to support/work for any Islamic party/organization that I think is the best (following the laws of Islam) to form Islamic government/state? Because in the Quran Allaah Says: "Together hold Allaah's Rope (Islam) and don't get separated from each other." [Aal-Imraan: 103]. If so does it mean that if I pray 5 times a.. More