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  • Wiping over a partial coverage wig Date: 29-8-2010

    I am bold and I have been wearing a wig made of human hair that is secured to a very thin pourus net. the net is cut to fit the bolding spot and is attached to the scalp (not to the exsiting hair) with a double stick tape. Is it allowable to wipe over it during wudoo or it has to be removed which would be difficult and embarrasing if doing wudoo in.. More

  • Black spots do not take the ruling of dead skin when performing ablution Date: 17-12-2009

    dear brothers, my question is connected to Fatwa No. 126745. There you have mentioned that the black skin does not fall under the category of the dead skin. So does this mean that having such a black skin and making ablution or ghusl is valid? I am raising this question because lately I have found another black skin on my right foot which was very small.. More

  • Validity of ablution with thick black skin on the foot Date: 31-8-2009

    dear brother/s, recently I have had a cut on my right foot near my toes and overtime that has become black and kind of a thick black skin has formed there, perhaps you understand what i mean. Although the black skin is very small, when I make ablution would it be valid? If not then what about my prayers I have made with those ablution? Please advise... More

  • Washing the organs of ablution a different number of times Date: 19-7-2009

    As Salam alaykum, The question is if I begin my Wuduu with the washing of my hands thrice, must the remaining washings be done thrice as well or they can be different in number of performance?.. More

  • Saying Bismillaah when performing Wudu in the toilet Date: 4-6-2009

    assalam wa alykum Is it permissible for a Muslim, after relieving himself in the bathroom to say “Bismillaah” inside the bathroom and then do wudoo’, or should he go out, say “Bismillaah” then go back in and do wudoo’ (because there is no wudoo’ for the one who does not mention the name of Allaah)?.. More

  • Washing nails in Wudu Date: 11-5-2009

    assalamu aleikom, when i make Wudu, should the water get to the skin that's around the nail, or the nail itself? jazakom allah khayran.. More

  • Performing ablution with snow Date: 2-3-2009

    Can wudu be made with snow? If so, how?.. More

  • Ablution of someone who places artificial skin on his scalp Date: 28-1-2009

    Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem I have two issues to be commented upon. 1) I am 21 yrs old and i have hairloss problem.To lose hair at this age is quite painful as it wud interfere with my social life.So i am thinking to go into hair replacement where they place human hair on your scalp using artificial skin.Is this acceptable and Would i be able to pray.. More

  • Minimum amount of water needed for ablution Date: 6-6-2007

    i have one litre water. can i use this water for wudhu befor shalah. how much water minimize we use for wudhu .. More

  • Saying the designated supplication of ablution inside the toilet Date: 3-4-2007

    i am working in saudi arabia.the company provides me my room bathroom and toilet are attached.when i make wadoo or take bath,can i read dua after wadoo inside bathroom,because it is attached with toilet,or i have to wait until i come out of my bathroom... More

  • Wiping over his hair in ablution might ruin his hair style Date: 12-9-2006

    Salaam, I have 3 question in regards to Wudu. 1] What is the exact method of Doing Wudu when it comes to the part where you have done the arms and are about to move to the Hair? 2] When you do Ghusl, I understand the water has to reach and touch every single root of the hair as well as the body. does this same procedure or concept apply to Wudu?.. More

  • Washing the inside of the eyes during ablution Date: 29-3-2006

    Is it a condition when performing ablution for the water to reach the inside of the eyes? .. More

  • A mistake in ablution-between validity and invalidity Date: 28-3-2006

    Are the ablution and the prayer of a person who did a mistake unknowingly in his ablution for two years valid? .. More

  • It is enough to pour water on a limb if rubbing it is harmful due to sickness Date: 26-3-2006

    I suffer for many years from a disease in my skin and I consulted many doctors. The problem is that the skin is very dry, and when performing ablution, I pour water with my fingers on my hands and feet. So, is my ablution correct this way or not? .. More

  • Rinsing the mouth with the right hand during ablution Date: 26-3-2006

    When performing ablution, does one have to rinse with his right hand or with his left hand? .. More