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  • The extent of the effect of the eyeliner on ablution Date: 21-3-2006

    Does applying kohl prevent ablution? [Kohl applied on the outside].. More

  • Performing Ghusl while standing Date: 20-2-2006

    I would like to know if taking shower while standing is Haraam or Halaal? A few friends have asked if it was okay to stand in shower and take Ghusl or bath we can say. Please advise. .. More

  • How to rinse the mouth and nostrils in ablution Date: 23-11-2005

    I want to know from you about the correct Sunnah about the rinsing the mouth and nostrils in ablution (Wudu). I have read from Al-Bukhaari that the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam,used to rinse his mouth and nose with just one handful of water together at one time, previously I used to wash my mouth first three times then sniffed up the water.. More

  • Wudu and waterproof makeup Date: 4-8-2005

    Is it wrong to do Wudu over water proof mascara? Does water have to reach our eye-lashes?.. More

  • Wearing teeth braces and ablution of missed prayer Date: 15-6-2005

    I am going to wear braces soon so when I am making Wudu the water in my mouths has to reach every place in my mouth but the water will not reach some places is my Wudu excepted. My other question if a miss a Salaat e.g. Asr do I have pray Asr in Asr time next day or any other time? .. More

  • Covering the head while making Wudu Date: 8-5-2005

    Is it necessary to cover the head with cloths while making Wudu? .. More

  • Wudu after a shower before dressing Date: 25-4-2005

    My question is, can one make Wudu (ablution) after finishing a bath or shower before putting their clothes on?.. More

  • The way to complete ablution Date: 20-2-2005

    Is it Sunnah good for someone rounding off his ablution to put on his finger and touches his tongue before saying the "Shahadah"? .. More

  • Ablution inside toilet Date: 9-2-2005

    I am so confused to have ablution inside toilet, some scholars told me that I may have done it, and some did not. So help me to know more. .. More

  • Forgetting to wash an organ during ablution Date: 16-12-2004

    If at the time of Wudu if we forget something as per the rules of Wudu so we will have to do again from the starting. And if at the time of Wudu if we forget instead of three times only twice we did so the Wudu will be completed if instead of three times with by mistake we did four times is this accepted, and by which things the Wudu will.. More

  • Rinsing the nose and mouth with same handful of water Date: 18-11-2004

    Is it Sunnah to rinse the mouth and the nose together with the same handful of water? .. More

  • Gel in the hair and Wudu Date: 5-9-2004

    I want to know if my Wudu will be accepted, as I apply gel to my hair. So when I wipe the head with my wet hand, if I have gel in my hair, will this affect my Wudu... More

  • Du'a when making Wudu Date: 25-5-2004

    I wanted to know if there were any particular Du'a to recited when making Wudu. For instance when washing the face, is there a Du'a for that, and for every other place that you wash for Wudu?.. More

  • Washing the ears during Wudu Date: 25-5-2004

    I have a question about Wudu. What are we supposed to do about that part in the ears which we cannot completely reach with our fingers, because the fingers are too big and the hole is small?.. More

  • Wiping the back of the neck during ablution Date: 19-4-2004

    While making ablution do we not clean the neck and the back of the neck with the back of our fingers? I have seen my uncle doing this since my childhood.Kindly advise. .. More