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  • Is Ghusl (ritual bath) obligatory before breastfeeding? Date: 21-2-2012

    After having a sex can we feed our baby ?without having a bath during night time if he/she cry for milk... More

  • Performing Ghusl after conducting postmortem Date: 7-8-2011

    Assalamu alaikum i am doctor by profession and have to conduct post mortem sometimes is it necesery to perform gusul after conducting post mortem to recite sulaat or no gusul is needed?is it allowed to conduct a post mortem for a muslim doctor? ThanxAssalamu alaikum i am doctor by profession and have to conduct post mortem sometimes is it necesery.. More

  • A woman having an orgasm without discharge Date: 7-6-2011

    Asalaam alaikum Sheikh, Some scholars say that if women has an orgasm or reaches sexual climax she should perform ghusl even if there is no discharge of fluid.I wanted to ask your opinion on this issue.Jazakallah.. More

  • Ghusl is obligatory if sperm comes out with strength and desire Date: 10-5-2011

    Assalaam alaikum Sheikh, I had gone through one of the fatwa of a Sheikh in one of the islamic sites.He said that the rule is that whenever semen exits, ghusl is necessary regardless of whether it is exited at the time of orgasm or at some other time.But many scholars say that ghusl is only obligatory if semen is discharged with sexual pleasure.What.. More

  • Saw a semen stain on his trousers but does not know when it happened Date: 24-3-2011

    Dear brothers, if i notice a stain of ejaculation on my pant which was due to wet dream and dont know how long it has been there but have prayed in that situation, what should i do? One day i suddenly noticed the stain on my pants and it could have been there for one day, two days, seven days, I dpn;t know. what about the prayers i have prayed? .. More

  • Ruling on Ghusl for those embracing Islam Date: 3-10-2010

    Is it obligatory on the disbeliever who embraces Islam to perform Ghusl and pray two Rak‘ahs (units of prayer) immediately after his conversion to Islam? .. More

  • Semen coming out due to severe constipation Date: 29-11-2009

    brother assalamulaikum smeimes i have severe constipation during porcess manmi comes out wiht havg any intention to do so i am afraid if allah punishes my question is ghusl requires if sperm comes during constipation or not.. More

  • Missing two prayers does not require Ghusl Date: 2-9-2009

    I was told by a sister, if I miss two prayers in a row (for example Fajr and Dhur) I'm required to make ghusl. Does this statement hold any truth? If you miss prayer, am I required to make ghusl? Also, what are the rulings on missing prayers. Do I make them up, or just pray the current one at that specific time?.. More

  • Performing Wudu or Ghusl after watching porn Date: 11-6-2009

    I have a question if i should be doing wudu or ghusl before i pray. my brother looks at a lot of porn, and I know it's haram, so i try not to. But I end up seeing things because he always does. So if I am not looking at the pictures and doing anything or touching myself, is wudu still the correct thing to do before I pray? A friend said that porn.. More

  • Some sperm discharged after performing ritual bath Date: 18-9-2007

    if a man had an intercourse with his wife and immidiately go for ghusal but do not perform istanja because he dont feel it.after ghusal some of his sperm leaked from his penis.and stick with his closths.i want to know that in this condition ghusl is perfect or its makrooh.and what about cloths.they remain good for salath or not... More

  • Obligatory Ghusl suffices one from having to perform ablution Date: 6-6-2007

    As Salamu aleykum! Dear brother(s), as it is known after taking Friday ghusl it required to take ablution (wudoo) and after janabah ghusl it is not required to take ablution for acts of worship (e.g. prayer). Now I would like to ask but what if I combine my janabah (ghusl after sexual defilement) and Friday ghusl then am I required to take ablution.. More

  • The timing of the Friday Ghusl Date: 6-6-2007

    Assalamu aleykum dear brothers! My question has to do with the timing of the Friday ghusl. As it is known there are 3 views concerning this: taking Friday ghusl on Thursday evening after Maghrib prayer, taking ghusl on Friday after athaan of Fajr and the third one is taking ghusl after dawn.Sheikh Useymin (may Allah have mercy upon him) says that the.. More

  • Doubts that he discharged Mani after Ghusl Date: 7-5-2007

    can i work in the news agency as a sales promoter,in which they print wrong about muslims and semi-naked womens aslo.(second question ,after bathing,i got dout that i have released mani. .. More

  • Performing Ghusl after having illegal sex Date: 11-10-2006

    assalamualaikum,please i would like to know if there is any point performing the ghusl bath after fornication since fornication itself is unacceptable... More

  • Sperm discharging without desire does not necessitate Ghusl Date: 2-4-2006

    What is the ruling on ejaculating without any reason, does it necessitate Ghusl (ritual bath)?.. More