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  • Ghusl Is Obligatory after Intercourse or Ejaculation Date: 9-12-2001

    If I have sex with a woman or have sexual pleasure by any means does Ghusl (bathing) become necessary in order to pray? .. More

  • After Intercourse She Had Menses: Should She Perform Ghusl for Janaabah Date: 24-6-2001

    If someone had intercourse with her husband during the night, and then woke up in the morning and found that she is menstruating, can she do Ghusl to cleanse herself from the Janaba? .. More

  • Purification after wet dreams Date: 1-1-2000

    I want to know if someone has a wet dream can he pray the Salat-ul-Fajr without the taking Ghusl, or can he pray after just washing the effected area and changing to clean clothes? .. More

  • Vaginal Emissions and Prayer Date: 24-8-1999

    Dear Sirs, Please, I would like to ask an intimate question which is the following: When a woman's sperm flows from her vagina just by thinking or feeling a sexual envy, what does she have to do in order to perform her prayer: to wash like everyday, namely " AL WUDOO" or to take a shower completely, namely "AL GHUSL" even if this happens to her frequently.. More