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79 fatwas

  • Removing sexual impurity Date: 5-5-2005

    Living with several people in the same house, my husband and I do not have the time before breakfast to do our Ghusl, now I have my mother in-law who has told me that we're not allowed in Islam to sit at the same table with her and her husband and my husband's brother and his wife because we have had a sexual contact and that we are not clean. I.. More

  • Combining Ghusl of Janaabah and Ghusl for menses Date: 14-4-2005

    If husband make intercourse with his wife now wife need Ghusl Janaabah (Ghusl after intercourse) but soon after intercourse her menses start. Now she has to make Ghusl Janaabat or she can take combined Ghusl mean Ghusl Janaabah and Ghusl after menses period end. .. More

  • Ghusl becomes compulsory by ejaculation Date: 26-12-2004

    If one drops of urine and 1 drop of other liquid comes out from the organ then the taken bath (Ghusl) is compulsory or after masturbation or wet dreams bath or Ghusl is compulsory... More

  • Combining Ghusl for sexual impurity and Ghusl for Friday Date: 14-9-2004

    I want to know if Ghusl sexual impurity and Ghusl Friday and be combined together... More

  • Purification after seeing a dead person Date: 10-4-2004

    Do we have to take a shower if we see a dead person, or if we see the dead person in a picture or on a computer? .. More

  • When a Ghusl is required for women Date: 25-3-2004

    When does a woman have to do Ghusl if her husband pleases her with his hand (gives her orgasm)? Is a menstruating woman allowed to please her husband with her hand or mouth?.. More

  • Having a bath after 5.00 in evening Date: 3-12-2003

    Is it allowed to bath after 5.00 pm in the evening?.. More

  • If there is no sexual intercourse, the partner who ejaculated must perform Ghusl Date: 18-10-2003

    As a result of foreplay (not proper intercourse), if either just husband or just wife reaches orgasm, while husband did not enter into wife and just external activities produced orgasm, who has to perform bath (Ghusl) just the one who reached orgasm or both?.. More

  • The Friday Ghusl Date: 30-6-2003

    Should the Friday (Ghusl) it should be on Fajr prayer or on Zuhr prayer? .. More

  • Ghusl is needed Date: 27-1-2003

    I am naturally a bit hypersensitive to seasonal changes and environmental pollution. At times I develop sinusitis which is associated with headache ,nasal congestion, rise of temparature. Such condition prevails for 3 to 4 days from the onset. If nocturnal emmision occurs during that time is a ghusl (obligatory bath) necessary? .. More

  • Ejaculation while one is awake Date: 11-1-2003

    Does finding traces of semen in urine during urination (without any stimulation) requires one to be cleaned by Ghusl(big bath)? .. More

  • Ghusl Is Not Obligatory when Having Sex for a Second Time Date: 23-12-2002

    Is it necessary to do wudu if you intend to have intercourse with your wives? If you have more than one? .. More

  • Purification after touching dead bodies Date: 23-6-2002

    I am studying medicine in practices I have to touch dead men and women. I want to know if I have to make (Ghusl) or (Wudu)?.. More

  • Penile Emissions and Ghusl Date: 3-2-2002

    Is Ghusl (bath) Fard after these two situations? 1) I am unable to marry and I cannot fast due to certain reasons. I am a person who is easily sexually aroused and have erections very often. Many times when I have erections after sometime (when the penis is erect or relaxing after an erection) a drop or two of fluid comes out. This fluid is sticky.. More

  • When Ghusl is obligatory Date: 20-1-2002

    Is the ritual bath different from the normal shower? Must it be done before the Friday prayer? And how can I do it?.. More