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  • Wearing a Hair Tie While Wiping Over the Hair in Ablution Date: 8-4-2021

    Assalamo alaikumMany woman wear a small hair tie to keep their hair together when at home. Can woman keep it on during wiping hair in wudu, keep in mind that the small hair tie is usually situated on the the head not below the neck.Jazak Allah khair .. More

  • Wiping over the Hair Covered by Oil Date: 22-1-2018

    Assalamu Alaikum, as I have severe hairfall, I have started application of Vit E oil, 1 thick tsp of oil extracted from 3 broken Vit E capsules. I apply it both on the scalp and a bit of hairnear it and it's like thick gel in texture. I have been asked to apply it overnight and rinse in the morning, preferably without shampoo. Will this application.. More

  • A sleeve is not a place for wiping Date: 4-4-2013

    A woman sometimes performs Wudhoo’ (ablution) amid non-Mahram men and at other times the sleeves of her dress are very tight and it is difficult to roll them up. Is she allowed to wipe over the sleeve during Wudhoo’, given that she had performed Wudhoo’ before she put on her dress? .. More

  • Wiping over her sleeves during ablution Date: 30-3-2006

    Is it permissible for a woman to wipe over the sleeves of her gown when performing ablution because she is performing ablution in the middle of a group of men, or that the sleeve of the gown is narrow and it is difficult to roll it up, taking into consideration that she wore the gown while in a state of purity?.. More

  • Wiping over the Khimaar (head covering) Date: 28-3-2006

    Is it permissible for a woman to wipe over her Khimaar (head covering) when performing ablution?.. More

  • Wiping over the turban Date: 5-8-2002

    Is it allowed to wipe over the turban, as we do socks?.. More

  • Making Wudu without removing Hijab or touching the hair Date: 18-3-2002

    Is it ok to do Wudu without removing Hijab and without touching the hair?.. More

  • Wiping the scarf (as socks) while traveling Date: 5-9-2001

    Are we allowed to wipe on the scarf as we do for the socks if we are traveling?.. More