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  • Buying a Product whereby the Seller Conditions on You Not to Resell Date: 25-8-2022

    Salam, I understand that if you buy a product to resell that the original owners tell you not to is haram, however is it permissable to buy from a reseller? As they are the ones who made the contract with the buisness and not you, or does this come under the ruling of assisting a sin and therefore making it haram aswell?Jazakhallah khair .. More

  • Investigating the Source of the Wealth Date: 9-8-2022

    Assalaamu 'Alaikum.First of all, thank you for your previous respond. But i have to apologize, this question not about whisper or obsessive doubts, this is about how we act according to a fact, that happens to be has a "real evidence". I have no doubt, i'm really sure about the evidence. The evidence here is very clear and real.Here is the story, i.. More

  • He Insisted on His Father to Buy a Mobile for Him Date: 27-3-2022

    I once insisted my father to buy a expensive phone which he had difficulty in buying.what should I do with the phone should I keep it or sell it the price of phone is down becouse of depreciation.can I keep it since I need it for studying .. More

  • Setting Up Project for Mobile Phone Headsets and Accessories Date: 17-3-2022

    Assalamualaikum... I am going to commence Mobile phone headphones and full range of mobile accessories business.. Is it permissible in Islam? Jaez Or not? .. More

  • Selling Watercolor Papers and Paints and Advertising for Them Date: 23-11-2020

    I made some watercolor papers and paints and I do advertisement for a shop which sells similar items and stationaries.Now my question is if someone buys this items from me or if someone buys these from the shop after seeing my ads and uses the items for Haram kinds of arts,paintings or writings will I be sinful and my money will be haram for that? The.. More

  • Permissible to Sell Cakes for Weddings and Permissible Parties Date: 5-11-2020

    Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullla. Please I want to start a dessert and Smallchops business Please what's the ruling about business in Islam The Do's and Dont's of business in Islam,how to and what to do when starting relationship with customers, profits, etc. I also heard from some sheikhs that doing birthdays,Bridal Showers, Wedding Parties is not.. More

  • Sale Contracts are Valid Even With the Delayed Delivery of Goods Date: 26-3-2020

    is it necessary to set time limit if we buy something (that is available) cash first ?, then the item is sent later. (but not salam transaction, because the item is now ours but has not come to us.). i mean like some online shops have a rule that if the seller did not respond to orders/ did not start to send the bought item for a specific time limit,.. More

  • Buying land and selling it before paying its price in full Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have entered into an agreement with a person to buy a piece of land from him and have paid an amount in advance. The remaining amount will be paid on a certain date and then the land will be registered in my name. Now another person has approached me to sell the land to him for a greater price so that on the day of registration,.. More

  • Price must be known at time of sale transaction Date: 25-10-2016

    I sold some rice on the condition that I will take the value of rice after a few months. The value that I will take will be the market price of rice at the time when I will take it. .. More

  • Muslims must abide by the contractual conditions they accept Date: 22-7-2015

    Assalam o alaikum dear scholars. My question is that I & my 2 other brothers are govt servants in different ranks. Govt offered plot schemes for different ranks. None of us are in a position to apply for scheme due to high installments. If one of us applies against scheme of his position but idea is to contribute all of us and at the end distribute.. More

  • Allaah permits trade Date: 2-2-2014

    I have a sum of money which I would like to invest. Is it permissible for me to trade with this money so that whenever a commodity is demanded from me I buy it and then sell it either in cash or installments after adding my profit? May Allaah Reward you. .. More

  • Conditions for selling a commodity demanded by a customer Date: 9-1-2014

    As-Salamu alaykum, I work in a project for purchasing clothes and selling them in cash or monthly installments. It is a small project with a small capital. Some customers contact me, asking for clothes with certain sizes, which I do not have; they want me to buy those for them, or they ask me to buy them a fridge although I deal in clothes. Is it permissible.. More

  • Contract stipulates offering technical support to forbidden websites Date: 1-12-2013

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh I am a web designer and I sell website templates. It is in the conditions of my transactions to provide support in case a person is not able to use the template or he is facing issues with it. Most of the time people who buy them don't need support or their websites are permissible according to Islam, but.. More

  • Stating a penalty clause is permissible Date: 20-7-2011

    What is the Sharee’ah ruling on taking the value of a penalty clause that is stated in a contract that stipulates an excessive pecuniary charge against the defaulting party? Although he received the price of the sold article in advance, the seller revoked the contract after a week. .. More

  • It is not obligatory to pay the difference to the seller as long as the conditions of sale were fulfilled Date: 18-7-2011

    I went to a vendor in the middle of a market in the city center to buy a packet of marrow seeds. I found the price a bit lower than the market price. Therefore, I bought six packets and after a month I bought some packets at the same previous price. I also told a friend of mine, who bought twenty packets and sold them at the market price or at a lower.. More