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  • Selling phones with cameras in a non-Muslim country Date: 10-5-2013

    is it okay to sell mobile phones in uk, as some of these phones have cameras and other things. is any money i earned from it halal for me to use .. More

  • Buying lawful things from stores that sell alcohol Date: 25-11-2012

    Salam alaikum wa rahmatuLLAHI wa barakatuH, i live in an islamic country (Morocco) and i want to know if i am allowed to go to supermarkets where they also sell alcohol. Here in morocco there are very pupular supermarkets, great stores where they also sell electronic articles and so on. But unfortunatelity they also sell alcohol. First of all they.. More

  • Buying a property and selling it before possessing it Date: 13-8-2012

    Assalamuleyikum wr wbr, I have a question related with Zakat. I am doing a Tijarat/business of real estate which is to buy a property completely under my posession & sell it when i get the better price. First of all is this business & it's earning halal. Second, do i have to pay zakat on the entire property value that i own & it's benefit.. More

  • Buying permissible things from firms that engage in forbidden activities Date: 16-7-2012

    Assalaam alaikum, My question related to financial transactions: specifically, what is the ruling regarding paying money on a recurring basis (like a contract) to a firm for a permissible service (or buying something permissible from that firm), when, however, the firm also engages in haram or even kufr activities, like predicting the future or.. More

  • Selling Hebrew manuscripts Date: 8-9-2011

    Is it permissible to sell Hebrew manuscripts?.. More

  • The sayings of scholars on selling something for a price higher than that specified by the owner Date: 19-7-2011

    I am a partner in a real estate property. A friend of mine wanted to buy an apartment that belongs to my partner. I agreed with my partner on a certain price for the apartment. Is it permissible for me to charge my friend a higher price and take the difference as a commission?.. More

  • This form of sale is permissible with the mentioned condition Date: 19-7-2011

    Is it permissible to sell real estate units by installments for a set rate of increase? That is, to sell a unit for one hundred thousand Egyptian pounds in cash, and charge 50% to get paid over five years, and 100% to get paid over ten years, and 200% to get paid over fifteen years. Is that lawful or not? Does the transaction involve Ribaa (interest.. More

  • Selling World Cup tickets at a higher price Date: 12-5-2011

    Is selling world cup match tickets for black market price haram ?.. More

  • Selling the Mus-haf Date: 11-5-2011

    Is it permissible to make a discount on the price of the Mus-hafs (copies of the Quran) in the markets or should prices not change?.. More

  • Permissibility of selling to the one who offers a higher price Date: 9-5-2011

    I work in a humble center that provides computer services. One of the activities of the center is to sell computers and similar things such as printers. Every now and then, we receive requests for price lists regarding selling and installing these sets. We also learn by some means similar prices that are offered by other institutions or companies.. More

  • Buying a house adjacent to the Qiblah of a mosque Date: 3-5-2011

    Assalamualaykum Sir, We are buying a house in hyderabad (India). The house is located next to Masjid and Qibla is facing the home boundary wall. Is is ok to buy that house or not. Appreciate your earliest reply. Thanks & Best regards Syed .. More

  • Selling copies of the Bible to Muslims Date: 3-2-2011

    Assalamu alaikum, my name is Sulaiman from Bauchi state of Nigeria. I have a bookshop which i use to sell a comparative religious books. My question is that is it allowed for me to sell the Bible for the musilims who use to call the unbelievers to the religion of Islam. please give solution this earn haram or halal. please confirm with hadeeth... More

  • Selling lawful food to non Muslims Date: 2-2-2011

    Assalamaualikum, dear brothers and sisters, is living in the West Haram? i had a discussion with a friend who works as a taxi driver, his job involves sometimes(30%) picking up people from their home taking them for drink ( alchole) to a pub or bar or sometimes picking up prostitutes and taking them for their business and bringing them back home... More

  • A customer borrowing call credit from his mobile service provider Date: 13-6-2010

    in Pakistan we take loan from our mobile service providers.when the loan is returned they charge some extra charges and say them as their service charges. Is it RIBA or not?.. More

  • Eating in open-buffet restaurants Date: 11-5-2010

    Is Buffet system of eating in programmes permissible to any extent or it is totally haram in islam? Please describe in detail with all the possible references... More