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  • The ruling on selling manuscripts in Hebrew Date: 30-3-2006

    Is it permissible to sell manuscripts (which contain verses from the Torah dated more than 800) in Hebrew? It should be noted that these manuscripts do not attack the Islamic or Christian religion. Please answer in details as it is a very important subject... More

  • Buying and selling dogs kept for lawful purposes Date: 19-2-2006

    I have one question and I hope I could be as clear as possible. I have heard that selling or buying dogs is Haraam, in the sense of being in the business itself; or for example since we have a dog in our garden and now we are leaving the villa so we have to give the dog away or sell him. So if we sell it is it Haraam? I do know that dogs are dirty.. More

  • Allaah has permitted trading and forbidden Ribaa Date: 15-12-2005

    I want to know from you about the Islamic ruling regarding the business of dealing in Real estate and land. My father who retired from the service last year invested all money he got from his employer as retirement benefit in land and when the price of that land increases largely he sold that land and purchases the new piece of land and carries.. More

  • Buying a house through Muraabahah Date: 14-9-2005

    I do live in Canada and having interest in buying house or apartment. There are Islamic organization who claims that they offers interest free loan. There is one new organization called UM Financial offers the home financing loan, among of them. They encourage to visit their website UM Financial says that they buy the.. More

  • Wants to start a water treatment plant and sell the water Date: 10-2-2005

    I am based in India, and I would like to start water treatment plant and sell the same. But here people are saying it is Haraam to sell water. Please clarify whether I should start the business or should refrain from it... More

  • Murabaha transaction Date: 2-12-2002

    I am buying a big bus and the seller will finance it to me with 9% interest which is Halal and called "Bae al-Nassea" (sale on credit) now a Muslim brother said that he can buy the same bus and sell it to me with the same interest value so he can use his money instead of leaving it in the bank getting eaten by zakat. The problem is that for him to buy.. More

  • Ruling on Muraabahah Date: 4-2-2002

    What is Murabaha and how does it operate? .. More

  • Buying from retailers Date: 13-10-2001

    Can Muslims buy things from any retailer no matter who the retailer is? Or how his pricing of particular products may be?.. More

  • Buying questionable goods Date: 4-10-2001

    Can Muslims buy second-hand goods, keeping in mind the trader may be selling some stolen goods? .. More