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  • He is ashamed that he sent his second wife to her country Date: 12-11-2009

    i am living with my wfie n adult sons in india.i married an arab woman as my second wife n brought her to india.since the second wife came,my health became very bad.i could not continue life with second wife.therefore i requested her to go back to her country and i gave her settlement first wife is against with my living with second wife.i.. More

  • His father is not just between his two wives Date: 4-11-2009

    I'm a 19 years old,my father is one of reich businessmen in the city,and he has 2 families but he isn't faire in many aspects to my mother and family.He is always biassed as mach as i cann't explaine. Is it haram if I spend money(without his permission) for things that are necssary e.g educational purposes and things that might not be necessary but.. More

  • Her husband blames her for not finding him a second wife Date: 13-7-2009

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum, 1.My husband and I have been married for almost 7yrs but 5 yrs living together. Since then we’ve not be blessed with any child. We live in another country where we both don’t have any family just the two of us. We are very fond of and used to each other. But recently, he intends to marry a 2nd wife with the hope that Allah.. More

  • Marrying a second wife without informing parents and relatives Date: 14-5-2009

    Can a person take second wife if his first wife agrees to it without informing parents & families of either of the two (husband & wife). The second marriage is for the sake of Allah (swt) and not out of lust. The intention is to marry a divorcee... More

  • A second wife treated unjustly Date: 29-1-2009

    Salamalecom i'm a second wife and my marriage contract was done by my wali who is a sheikh.The acceptance and dua for marriage was done infront of witnesses but the signing of the contract was done a month later,and the only person to see me sign the contract was my husband not even the wali.Can a man request before marriage that the woman not have.. More

  • You should not divorce your new wife Date: 25-11-2008

    Dear Esteemed Imam, I am a married person, and living alone for more than four years away from my wife in a foriegn country. I have entered into a another marriage with full shart achieved, i.e. 1. Witnesses (More than 6 men) 2. Mahr 3. Ijab and Kubool When I married, I had no intention of divorce, however when I married, I did not think nor my new.. More

  • Married his first wife secretly to avoid angering his parents Date: 17-11-2008

    The man get merry woman 4 months ago but she is in secret because his parents never accept non arab girl.He had problem to have children so told her that she will stop to be in secret when she get pregnent and then they will tell about this merryd to his parents because he is sure that they accept her.He promisse also and she agree for this that he.. More

  • A married man wants to marry a second woman who has herpes Date: 13-5-2008

    Assalaamu Alaikum waraghmatullah If a brother wants to marry a sister as a second wife. How ever the sister has a picked up a sexually transmitted desease known herpes because of previouse relationship but she has repented sincerely. she was not raised as a practising muslim. How ever now she is practising MasrhAllah and repented for her past. Is the.. More

  • At pain to marry him although he cannot afford to marry a second wife Date: 26-11-2007

    Assalamu Alaikum, In my work place there was a muslim syster of central asia who usually asks me questions about Islam and fiqh. I used to give her books and web urls related to those matter. One day shockingly she asked me whether I would marry her. I told her I'm married with 3 children and can't afford to marry a second wife since my family is living.. More

  • Wife supplicating to Allaah to make her the only wife of her husband who has another wife Date: 19-11-2007

    asalam alaykum, is it allowed in islam for the one wife to make dua to Allah swt to make her the only wife of her husband (who is having 2 wives in polygyny marriage). Especially, if her husband has deceived her before the marriage to think that he will divorce his first wife, and now she feels totally deceived and broken, and she finds it unbearable.. More

  • Has no children and does not stand her husband’s second marriage Date: 11-11-2007

    I have a problem and want your advice. I am married to a Muslim man for 10 years now. I am much older than him and pass the age to have children. His family does not know of my existence. We live in the USA . Three years ago his family insisted that he get married in his home country which he did. They now have a child together whom I love and care.. More

  • Having a second wife is the only option for him to have children Date: 2-10-2007

    Salamalaykum BYy the grace of Allah Iam married man for more than 7 years i love my wife too much and she too loves me we are very happy Alhumdulliah she is more religious than me and i respect her for that but unfortunately we dont have kids, and Doctors told me she is having some problem and she cant conceve a baby, we tried all options including.. More

  • Lying to his first wife about his second marriage Date: 18-9-2007

    Salam alaikum, can a husband, who marries a second wife in secret, lie to his first wife and say he has not married a second wife, when she asks him the direct question? I am a convert married for 20 yrs in Europe with 6 children. My husband and I built a flat and a granny flat on his fathers property in N. Afriica with joint money with the intention.. More

  • Wants to ask her husband to choose between her and his new wife Date: 29-4-2007

    my husband re-married another woman just to look after his mum, he did this without telling me, i fund out by chance, i want him to divorce her or me. am i haram to ask him to do so. he does not treat us equally and when i married him 8yrs ago, i asked him if he would ever remarry and he said no. he made a promise. i have 3 kids, she has none. he claims.. More

  • Sisters trying to find a second wife for their brother Date: 27-3-2007

    assalamu alaikum my brother got married to a girl of my mother's choice...but now he doesnt like her...he doesnt find her attractive...he has lost interest in life bcoz of this...and now my sisters n mother are planning to get another wife for him....but i m afraid if will dat be an injustice to the first wife....??? are we hurting her...will be accountable.. More