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  • Renouncing Child's Custody After Divorce

    My new husband asked me if i had any affairs before marriage infront of kabah.I denied(lied since i repented from my past relations). Later he digged and found old chats in my phone. i had to confess all about my past to him. But he lost trust and always suspects that i am still in touch with men. I recently came to my hometown for the delivery of.. More

  • Property Requested to be Effective after Death

    Assalaamu 'alaykumMy parents have registered their property in my sisters' and my name and made us the owners of their property according to a ratio which has been agreed upon by my sisters and me. But our parents want us to consume our respective shares only after they die. My sisters have willingly agreed to that. But I feel kind of reluctant to wait.. More

  • Separating between mother and her child

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a matter in my family that requires advice before action is taken. Problem and Background: I am from a family that consists of both Muslims and Non-Muslims. I have a non-Muslim niece that has 5 children (some out of wedlock), all fairly young, aged 8-14 (approximately). One of the five children (who is 10 years old) has displayed.. More

  • Father's rights when mother has custody

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am divorced. I have two children; a son (almost four years old) and a daughter (two years old). My query is regarding the custody of the children; at what age is the custody transferred to the father? I live in Saudi Arabia, and my kids are residing in Islamabad, with their mother. Visitation rights of the father: 1. Can I.. More

  • Parental dispute over child benefit money given by the state

    Assalaamu alaykum. I just wanted to explain that I am in a very difficult position; my daughter is severly disabled and I have another younger daughter. I have problems at home because my husband wants me to look after his parents as well as my children and the home. No one in the family provides for anything; They expect me to pay for everything -.. More

  • His son lives with his mother who got married to another man

    I have son from my first wife who reached the age of 18, he is staying with her mother under my financial support, when his mother got married to another man, i asked him to stay with me otherwise i will stop given him financial support but he refused for the reason that his mother will not allow him to stay with me, now, i stopped supporting him.. More

  • Wants to foster her dead sister's son against his father's will

    Assalamo Alaikum. My question relates to the upbringing of my nephew who is my sisters child. In October my sister passed away, her wish was that I look after her child, my sisters husband is aware of this. I was told that in islam in these circumstances the best people to look after the child is the maternal aunt or the maternal grandmother, can.. More

  • Marital dispute settled by Islamic court ruling

    A girl was get her Nikaah at the age of 2 year by her father, but no Rukhsati, when she attend the age of 19 years she refused to Rukhsati with her husband of child hood, now she wanted divorce all the family and other respected people said to her husband for divorce but husband refused that he will not pay divorce at any cost, then girl's parents.. More

  • Designating a guardian for their child in case of their death

    My husband and I live in the USA and we have a 4-year-old son who is both American and Egyptian. We are afraid that we might both die or have an accident, in which case the social services could take our son and give him for adoption, so we decided to make a Legal Will naming a Guardian for our son in the event of our death. The lawyer says that.. More

  • Custody of Her Children

    My husband have been separated for couple years now we have kids together. About a year ago we begin to talk to each other on the phone at first i ask him if he had divorce me he said no so i believed him. We have beeh work out our problems one if the problem is he is married to a american woman that will not allow him to be with me that is the reason.. More

  • Using son's money to support an orphan

    I have a handicapped boy and he receives a monthly salary from the government. My wife wants to deduct 60 from it to sponsor an orphan. Can she do that even though it will have no affect on him and most of the money is spent on him and on the family... More