2338 fatwas

  • New Muslim Unable to Complete Al-Faatihah and Last Tashahhud with the Imam Date: 12-4-2021

    Assalamu alaykum.I'm am new to islam and i'm not well grounded with her rules.Please,what I want to know is that sometimes I am unable to complete Al-fatiha behind an imam even though I begin the salat with him.Please,what would i do? Also,the same situation usually happens with the second tashahhud.JAZAKUMU LAH KHAYRAN!.. More

  • Hadeeth: Whoever Hears the Athaan and Doesn’t Join Congregation without Excuse Date: 30-3-2021

    Assalaam Alaykum, ive heard a hadith with something along the lines of that the 1 who hears the adhan and doesn't attend then no prayer is valid for him, elsewhere a sheikh said 1 is sinful but praying at home is still valid, what is the correct information on this and if the prayer is invalid, does this only apply to the mosque or also apply if an.. More

  • The Sufficient Rukoo’ in Prayer Date: 3-3-2021

    Assalamu'alaikum, I read that to bow down in prayer, one's back must be at the same level as his head. But my backbone stays a bit high. Can I fold my hands to lean down a little bit more, or my hands should stay straight, like a rod? can you tell me what to do minimum while bowing down so that my prayer remains valid? Jazakallah khairan. .. More

  • Praying in Urban Areas to Other Than Qiblah Direction: One Must Repeat Prayer Date: 12-2-2021

    I prayed at a job without knowing the qiblah, so I faced a wall since I didn't know where the qiblah was. I could have done more to find it, since a mosque was five minutes away. I intend on repeating these prayers. Later I pictured the mosque in my head and imagined where the qiblah was and prayed in that direction a number of prayers. Later.. More

  • Issue of Voluntary Night Prayer When One Is Very Tired Date: 12-2-2021

    Assalamu Alaikum. I have been performing Tahajjud prayer and continuing it. But there are some nights when I feel very tired and sleepy when I wake up yet I pray Tahajjud prayer because as far as I know that one should not miss it once he starts to continue it. Is it okay to sleep if I feel very tired, and should I perform qaja if I don't wake up. .. More

  • Bowing the Head Down in Tasleem Has No Basis Date: 2-12-2020

    When finishing Salah (at the end of the prayer) is this the salam supposed to be done by bowing the head in the middle then looking right and bowing back in the middle and looking left or is it bida'ah to bow the head at all? Hope to get a reply soon. Thanks. Jazakallah khair.Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatu. .. More

  • Leading the Family in Prayer Including Female Cousin and Her Husband Date: 2-12-2020

    As salamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu I have a question regarding the ruling on leading prayers in my house hold for the last few months my cousin and her husband have been living with our family they live in the basement we all eat together and watch tv from time to time i lead the prayer in my house my cousin who is a female has never been.. More

  • The Time of the Thuhr Prayer Date: 5-11-2020

    Assalamu alaikum. I go to an Islamic girls school which follows the hanafi madhab. In the summer we pray zuhr in school however in winter they believe we still have time to pray at home therefore we do not pray in class. The time that we get home from school is the time for asr, however they believe it is still zuhr time as they follow the hanafi madhab.. More

  • Wants to Skip Jumu'ah Prayer out of Fear of Coronavirus Date: 20-10-2020

    Alsalam Alikom, my wife is pregnant, is it haram to skip Friday prayer to avoid the big crowd? I worry about me getting Corona since I might transmit it to her. Although I started attending social events with 10 to 20 people. Is my skipping Friday prayer haram?Please adviceThank you, .. More

  • Issue of Experiencing Hadath Continuously without Cessation in Ablution or Prayer Date: 12-10-2020

    when I am in Namaz I get urine drop came out while 1 sneeze in sajdah2 prostration and ruku 3 getting from sajdah then I go to wash and make wudhu and second time also repeated and when I go to the wash room I saw the underwear was wet with previous washed and now mixed with present urine in that wet place I can't find uri e drops so what I do I get.. More

  • A Person with an Unpleasant Odor Should Not Enter the Mosque Date: 30-9-2020

    If a person does not have the materials/tools necessary in order to become clean and remove bad odor from his body, then must he still attend Friday prayer? For example, he is homeless and smells very badly. .. More

  • A Girl and Her Brother Praying in the Same Row Behind an Imaam Date: 23-9-2020

    AssalamualaikumIs it accepted to pray salah in congregation alongside younger brother who probably didn't reach puberty yet or should i pray next to him while leaving a gap between our bodies and with prayer mats next to each other? .. More

  • Imam Forgot First Tashahhud and Did Not Perform Sujood As-Sahw Date: 22-9-2020

    Assalamu Alaikum,In our mosque, Isha prayers imam forget the 1st Tashahhud, he stood up without reciting and continued to the end. He also did not perform “Sajda Sahu” too. What is the position of that prayer will it be accepted (valid) or not accepted (invalid) ? what we as maumoom have to do ? .. More

  • This Prayer for the Deceased Is an Innovation Date: 20-9-2020

    Assalamu alaikum. Someone told me that a dead person will be relieved during his stay in the grave if I do the following the first day he was taken to the grave:Pray two raka’ats, and in each raka’at I recite; Fatiha-1, Ayatul kursiy-1, Suratul Takathur-1, Suratul Ikhlas-11. Please Sheikh is this permissible? .. More

  • A University Student Unable to Offer Friday Prayer Date: 14-9-2020

    As Salam alaikum sheikh, I am in a difficult position. Indeed, in my school (university) the timetable prevents me from going to Friday prayer. To add to that, France is a very intolerant country compare to the UK or US, they will never let you leave school for this reason, also if I try to deliberately miss class, after a few absences I will get point.. More