106 fatwas

  • Islam.. a complete code of life Date: 13-2-2012

    Is Islam a complete code of life? .. More

  • The fundamentals of Islam Date: 8-2-2012

    What are the fundamentals of Islam, and can they be summarized? .. More

  • It is permissible to marry up to four wives but he must be just Date: 2-2-2012

    Assammualaikum Dear sir , my husband has 1st wife & 4 childrens and i am the second second wife & our marriage is arrange marrige I am MBA degree holder and I have 1 son. . Sir, my husband always tell his 1st wife that, he did the 2nd marriage only to look after his work and business , he always bring home his 1st wifes relative and he tell.. More

  • A free person can neither be sold nor bought Date: 24-1-2012

    Assalammualaikum I heard that the only way to get a slave according to sharia is through legimaite war between muslim vs non-muslim, and a person born into slavery is a slave. Other type enslavement is invalid. But there is an athar by Ali R.A. saying "Whoever said that he is a slave then he is a slave", narrated by as-Sya'bi from syuraik, that means.. More

  • The beginning of Islamic creed and religion Date: 13-9-2011

    How did the Islamic creed start?.. More

  • Principles of Islam Date: 8-9-2011

    What are the principles of Islam?.. More

  • Islam: balance and gradualness Date: 8-9-2011

    What is the concept of balance and gradualness in Islam?.. More

  • Islam is the religion for humanity as a whole Date: 23-8-2011

    Allaah The Exalted Says (what means): • {Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allaah is Islam.} [Quran 3: 19] • {And whoever desires other than Islam as religion - never will it be accepted from him.} [Quran 3: 85] According to the meaning of these two verses, Islam is the religion that is most favored by Allaah The Exalted. So why did Allaah.. More

  • Correcting misconceptions Date: 23-8-2011

    I have a 20-year-old female friend. I love her for the sake of Allaah The Almighty. She has recently become a practicing Muslim. She has some questions about religion, but says she cannot find anyone to answer them. She says, for instance: 1- Religion must conform to reason. We must understand everything in Islam, not simply submit to it. Muslims.. More

  • Muslim-Christian dialogue Date: 1-8-2011

    What is your view on Muslim-Christian dialogue? What are its positive and negative results? How can we create it?.. More

  • Why Islam is the only true religion Date: 4-7-2011

    Assalam Alaykum, Dear Brother, how can we say that Islam is the only true religion when there are also other religions which speak about doing good and forbidding evil? .. More

  • Magnificent examples of tolerance in Islam Date: 10-4-2011

    I would like to know more about tolerance in Islam. .. More

  • A general overview of Islam Date: 28-2-2011

    I am a new Muslim and want to know about Islam... More

  • Contemporary Rabbis and monks know that Islam is the truth Date: 6-2-2011

    We know that the rabbis and monks, who lived at the time of the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, knew that he was telling the truth and that his religion is the true religion. However, they lied to their followers in order to make them deviate from the right path. My question is: do present day rabbis and monks know the same truth and are.. More

  • A confused man searching for the true religion Date: 27-1-2011

    I am a well-off non-Muslim man, and I feel severe spiritual emptiness. I read many religious books but am still unconvinced. Please advise. .. More