106 fatwas

  • Why did Islam spread? Date: 10-4-2004

    Where did Islam spread? Why did Islam spread?.. More

  • Railing against Islam Date: 13-3-2004

    All you people talk about is uniting and rising up...to do what…more violence. Muslims are not interested in working together, they want to isolate and kill everyone that is not a Muslim. You talk about being repressed, when you are most repressed by your own ideologies, and fanatical beliefs. Your actions and beliefs are what repress you the.. More

  • Wrong assertions about Muslims and Islam Date: 24-2-2004

    Why do Muslims actively hate non-Muslims and work towards their destruction through physical violence? Muslims say that any non-Muslim is an infidel, and should be killed. Why is it that Muslims teach violence as the answer to everything? When they will not even interact with non-Muslims, how are Muslims expected to be treated with any respect,.. More

  • Wisdom of Polygyny Date: 19-2-2004

    If a woman's husband marries again, she will spend nights alone; in fact if he marries 3 more times then she spends most of her life alone, while he gives his time to other women. His needs are satisfied every night, but the woman has no husband at home to satisfy her needs. Where is the justice in this and how can a woman tolerate such a thing... More

  • Islam Is a Religion of Peace and Justice and the Scholars Are Defending it Date: 11-12-2003

    Why Islam today branded as a terrorist religion although Islam is the religion of patience. Why are our Alims silent on the issue being propagated by non-Muslims? .. More

  • Tawheed Message Date: 27-9-2003

    Did all the Prophets bring the same Message of Tawheed? Please provide me with details of it with Qur'an and Hadith... More

  • Islam, the only true religion Date: 28-7-2003

    Everyone thinks that his religion is the right one, and Islam also. How can I see that Islam is the right one? Show me what's wrong in other religions... More

  • Possessing a Slave Girl in Islam Date: 9-7-2003

    Is Al-Amma (a mistress) allowed in Islam? If it is, then according to what conditions and what are the rule of having them? .. More

  • Private ownership in Islam Date: 21-5-2003

    Does Islam allow private ownership?.. More

  • Adam's religion Date: 3-2-2003

    Was Adam a Muslim?.. More

  • Why People Follow Islam Date: 20-1-2003

    Why do people follow Islam? .. More

  • Evidence that Islam is from Allah Date: 1-12-2002

    How is Islam stronger and more logic than other religions, especially Christianity .. More

  • Cohabiting with a woman outside of marriage Date: 30-11-2002

    Can we have sex with slave woman? Know that I mean by slave woman that is mentioned in the Qur'an with the words: Ma Malakat Aymanukum what your right hand possess.Therefore is it permissible to have sex with a woman who is under control of someone not by force but with the free will of her and her parents. If a man has a woman living under his roof,.. More

  • Destination of devout Christians, Jews or Hindus Date: 7-10-2002

    I am a Muslim but have not been active, Astaghfirullah. I am changing but I want to ask will a Christian, a Jew or a Hindu for that matter enter Jannah because he lived up to his religion and so on, or will he go to hell? I am not sure... More

  • Muslims Are Weak and Called Terrorists Date: 3-9-2002

    Why are Muslim people weak today? Why are Kuffar people saying Muslims are terrorists? .. More