106 fatwas

  • Misunderstanding about both Islam and Christianity Date: 17-7-2005

    I believe Islam and true Christianity are very similar. 1. People are born sinners only through a relationship with The Lord can they be saved and changed. 2. Once we have a relationship with The Lord he then controls our lives and helps us keep his commandments. 3. There is an evil against The Lord, if we are not with The Lord and.. More

  • Travelling in a Muslim country during Ramadan Date: 2-6-2005

    I am Catholic, but I like to respect Muslim traditions if I travel in a Muslim country. I plan to travel in Iran and Dubai at the beginning of Ramadan beginning I think on October 4th. Do you think it is not respectful or at your point of view it is no problem travelling during that period?.. More

  • Wearing the symbols of Islam, Christianity and Judaism Date: 21-4-2005

    I am a non-Muslim, but am very interested in the study of religions around the world. I wonder if it is okay to wear a necklace that has on it a symbol of the Crescent Moon and the Star along with symbols of other Abraham's traditions - namely, a Cross and a Star of David. Is this blaspheme? .. More

  • The extent of Christianity Date: 21-2-2005

    Many non-believers say Christianity is the most religion in the world, is that true? .. More

  • Doesn't want to go near his 2nd wife Date: 9-2-2005

    Recently my 2nd wife find out that I was looking for a 3rd wife and during the argument she started getting wild and attacking me with her fist, to the extent that I started bleeding from a scratch. Ever since that day I have not had any inclination of touching her or even being close to her. May Allaah forgive me. .. More

  • Doesn't understand reasons for polygyny Date: 25-1-2005

    Before I start my question, I just want to let you know that the service your provide to Muslim and non-Muslim around is a great service. Please continue what your doing. May Allah bless you. I'm a Muslim and I really don't see the importance of polygamy. I have heard from other Muslims saying that, "if your wife can't produce kids, or if.. More

  • The religion of Aadam and Eve Date: 18-11-2004

    I was asked by some non-Muslims, when Aadam and Eve came in this world which religion did they belong to. well I as a Muslim have no doubts on their not being a Muslim but in future if I do come across questions like that, can you please tell me how do I support my answer. Or rather, what would be the best explanation.. More

  • A woman seeking deeper knowledge of Islam Date: 9-9-2004

    I have a little knowledge about the Islaamic way of life. How do a woman seeking deeper knowledge of Islaam become a Muslim? .. More

  • Wants to clear some misconceptions Date: 14-7-2004

    i have a question. i was just going through some videos on youtube and i saw this video which pointed out some contradicitons in the Quran [ASTAGHFIRALLAH] I didn’t mean to open it but I just happened to click on it! example: [22:47] AND [70:4] one says "And they ask you to hasten on the torment! And Allah fails not His Promise. And verily, a day.. More

  • Number of Muslims and their percentage in the world Date: 4-7-2004

    Can you tell us how many Muslims there are in the world and how many are joining us every day?.. More

  • Difficulty accepting Islam as exclusive way to salvation Date: 30-6-2004

    I am a Muslim but recently I have been finding it difficult to believe that all humans on this earth who reject the word of Muhammad go to hell indefinitely. Seeing people in Canada with such a relaxed and welcoming state of mind when it comes to religion, I do not see why people raised outside Muslim education that die without saying "I.. More

  • Islam is the only true religion Date: 21-6-2004

    I reverted to Islam this past September, Alhamdulillah. Before that I used to be romantically involved with a Muslim girl (it wasn't the reason for my Islam). Well things didn't work out and now she is dating a pagan. I called him a Kafir. She wears tight clothes and drinks and goes out dancing with men. I told her that she didn't even want.. More

  • Adverse criticism of Islam compared to Christianity Date: 19-5-2004

    After experiencing life for over 50 years, I can honestly make the following observation (that I think is shared by many in "technologically and spiritually advanced" parts of the world: Islam has fostered hate, violence, war. Christianity has fostered love, kindness, peace... More

  • Many Questions about Islam Date: 18-5-2004

    What is the reason of the moon and star being the symbol of Islam? What do the different actions of the prayer mean? What supplications are recited in the Supererogatory prayer of Tasabih (praises and glorification of Allah)? Is there any significance of men wearing coif (religious hat)? I live in Benoni close to Johannesburg in South Africa; can you.. More

  • True Religion, Mixing of Sexes Date: 11-5-2004

    How do we really know that Islam is the right religion? There are many religions in the world, how can we really say that Islam is the correct religion? Of course, our religion makes the most sense (at least to me, the Quran has much more meaning then any other religious book that I have read before). The Qur’an is probably the only Holy Book, that.. More