403 fatwas

  • Seeks reasons daughter stopped praying Date: 24-2-2001

    My daughter got married when she was nineteen and after her marriage she became sick. She had depression and stopped praying. She has lost her concentration. This marriage lasted for three years and now she is divorced. I always wonder what happened to her. I pray all the time for her and my family is worried. I want to know what happened. Is it possible.. More

  • Du'a in gathering Date: 21-2-2001

    After a Qur'an recitation class or lesson is it Sunnah for all the people present in the class to raise their hands and make Du'a asking Allah (S.W.T) for general things of this life and Akhira after a gathering? Can the person who is giving the lecture say this Du'a Subhanka Allah humma wa bihamdika nashhadu an la ilaha illa anta wa nastagfiruka wa.. More

  • Saying "O Prophet of Allah, Assalamu Alaik" Date: 13-2-2001

    1-Can we say (YA NABI SALAAM ALAIK) "O Prophet of Allah, Assalamu Alaik"2-Is it true that Prophet will reply to our salaam?3-Can we give sadaqah like reciting Al-fateha for the dead people?.. More

  • How to end the Du'a Date: 8-2-2001

    Could you give your Fatwa regarding the following: At the end of making Du'a is it permissible if the last words of Du'a are "Aameen" or it would be better to say "Allahu Akbar" as many people in my country do? To be more clear, these words are pronounced while wiping the face with hands, but I know (and tell others) that wiping the face is Bid'ah... More

  • Prophetic Medicine for Eczema Date: 23-1-2001

    What does the "Tib alNabawi" (Prophetic Medicine) say about eczema? Also, what are some Dua's for cure? .. More

  • Majlis Mahboob Subhani Date: 2-9-2000

    Aas salamalaikum! I have been living in Gulf for last 7years, and I learnted in this period true Islam, I have tried my best to conveyid to my parents & others in India. Inspite of all this they practice Bidah after my return to Gulf, such as performing of Majlis Mahboob subhani by reading a book 11 Majalis. He is buried in Iraq as for as my knowledge... More

  • Using Beads to Mention Allah Date: 27-8-2000

    Are dhikr beads Bidah? I have heard that they are, yet I see them a lot. .. More

  • Bettering One's Conditions Through Du’aa’ Date: 20-8-2000

    Is it true that if you recite certain names of Allah, certain ayahs or certain 'duas' a lot they can turn your condition into a better one? .. More

  • Losing Hair Over Entire Body Date: 10-8-2000

    Assalamu-Alaikum. I have a problem that has concerned me for about 3 years now; I'm losing hair on all parts of my body. Eventhough I have been to the doctor, nothing seems to be wrong with me physically. I feel desperate to get something done about it. Is it a test from Allah? (astaghfirhu-llah). I need advise for this pain I'm in right now. Please.. More

  • Blessings on the Prophet Date: 30-7-2000

    Dear Brother, Can you tell us what are blessings we can send on our beloved Prophet Muhammed and also, please explain in detail what blessings and when to recite them?.. More

  • Actions During the Prayer Date: 18-6-2000

    I'd like to know if saying "ameen" when imaam or someone else supplicates and others say "ameen" is bid'ah? If so, should everyone supplicate on his/her own? Besides, after reading some verses from the Holy Qur'aan our imaam finishes by reading ayaat 37: 180,181,182. Is it allowed? When he finishes supplicating he says ''Rabbana takabbal minni innaka.. More

  • Submitting supplication through mediator Date: 7-5-2000

    Is it possible to submit our supplication through any Sheikh or Agent?.. More

  • Wife Seeking Surahs and Supplications for Pregnancy Date: 1-5-2000

    My wife is worried about conceiving a child. We have been married for 18 months now. She is reciting the du'a made by Hazrat Zakaryia for the child, after isha every day. She is also praying Salat Hajat every other day, and recites Sura Yasin after Fajr prayer every day. She wanted to ask if you can suggest some other Dua for her. .. More