403 fatwas

  • Making Du'a in English Date: 14-1-2002

    Our Imam makes supplications in both Arabic and English even though he knows Arabic. Is it accepted for the Imam to make Du'a in English? Also, what about a non-Arabic speaker, is it acceptable to make the Du'a in English at all times? .. More

  • Teenager wants to know if Allah has answered her dreams Date: 8-1-2002

    I am a good Muslim and I live in America with my family. I have a cousin in Yemen. He's 19 years old and I am 15 years old. I always dream about him most of the time; I dream that I married him and stuff like that. I love him so much and I said to Allah that if he will be my husband then let me dream about him so I did and then I wanted to call to my.. More

  • Dua' for a residence to rent Date: 1-1-2002

    I would like to know if there is a Dua' for wanting "something". The "something" is a place from me to rent where I can live. Could you also write it in Arabic, (so I can say the Dua') and also give a meaning of the Dua' in English... More

  • Stammering Date: 15-12-2001

    I write today with hope to you to find an answer to a question whichworries me for a long time: I am reached stammering since my youthand this handicap causes me hardship (I only speak veryseldom by fear of the mocking remarks, the prospect to find work withthis illness discourages me). To this end, is there a remedy in Islamwhich will enable me.. More

  • Supplicating during menses Date: 13-12-2001

    Is it true that I can do my du'a [Ziker Allah] during my menstural period? .. More

  • Giving charity to have prayers answered Date: 10-12-2001

    Can we give Sadaqa (charity) with the intention of having our prayer answered? Hope you will answer this question... More

  • Having One’s Du’aa' Accepted by Allah Date: 22-10-2001

    What do you do if you want your Du'a to be accepted? .. More

  • Proclaiming Takbeer and supplications aloud after Tasleem Date: 10-10-2001

    Is it the Sunnah to proclaim loudly the Takbeer and other supplications after the Tasleem in a congregation Salaah? Give evidence please... More

  • Supplications after Prayer Date: 5-9-2001

    I am a new Muslim and have received contradictory advice concerning Prayer.a) What is the proper order after Prayer? Astaghfirullah - Anta as-Salaal - then Tasbih followed by La ilaha...la Sharika, or the other way around? b) Does one recite these verses immediately after the Fard prayer, or can it be postponed until after the Sunnah? I was recently.. More

  • Sending blessings on the Prophet when forgetting something Date: 28-8-2001

    Can I say: "O Allah send our greetings to our Prophet and bless him" whenever I forget something... More

  • Supplications after the Fajr and Maghrib Prayers Date: 28-8-2001

    I understand that there is certain things I could say after each prayer which gives me a good reward. For ex., I could say La Ilaha Illa Allah Wahdaho La Sharika Laho and so on for 10 times after Fajr and Maghrib and I have to keep my foot set the way they do during the prayer (i.e., not change the position of my feet after the prayer in order to receive.. More

  • Praying to marry a classmate Date: 10-7-2001

    I am a student and want to marry one of my classmates. I have prayed to Allah to guide me and fill her heart with a feeling of love for Allah and His Prophet as well as the love of Sunnah. Also I prayed to Allah to make her extend a proposal. I have also prayed to Allah that once married we'll do right and try to make our children true Muslims. Insha.. More

  • Using Allah's name in the bathroom or while uncovering your awrah Date: 28-6-2001

    Saying Bismillah in the bathroom or say Al hamdulillah or Insha Allah and Dhikr of this sort for instance while removing your clothes or someone talks to you about something and you say Insha Allah?.. More

  • Supplication to Remove Magic Date: 3-6-2001

    After 2 years of marriage I can not conceive. I asked about it from Sahir broker, he told me that my in-laws have closed my uterus. Please tell me Du'a so that I get pregnant I am very worried about this. I pray and make Du'a to God for 2 years, but I feel that my Du'a does not go to Allah. What can I do, my life is becoming Jahannam. Please pray for.. More

  • What to Say after Prayer Date: 26-2-2001

    What should we say after prayers? .. More