160 fatwas

  • Shaving Pubic Hair and Hair around the Anus Date: 9-10-2002

    How much area around the penis should be shaved according to Islam? Is it necessary to remove the hair around the anal region? .. More

  • Political problems wearing a beard Date: 28-9-2002

    I'm from Tunisia and I do pray but I have a problem that I have a beard. The problem is that we have here political problem; police catch the one who grows his beard my family tells me to cut it. Can I cut it or leave it?.. More

  • Male circumcision in Islam Date: 23-9-2002

    If a male converts to Islam is circumcision necessary or not?.. More

  • Living With Parents Who Want Him to Shave His Beard Date: 21-7-2002

    Please I'm 29 years old and I'm still living with my parents. I even have my bachelor degrees in private law for 4 years ago. My parents oblige me to shave my beard. Should I follow them or should I practice the Hadith that of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) says: Grow your beards and shorten your mustache? .. More

  • Ruling on Having a Beard Date: 9-7-2002

    Ruling on having a beard (Lahya). I am a Muslim living in Amsterdam, and I would like to know if having a beard is compulsory for Muslim men, and if it is compulsory, does it have to be 4 fingers long (measured from the chin down)? Are we allowed to style it according to modern standards, i.e. have a goatee or a very short neat beard? The reason for.. More

  • Keeping the Beard Date: 9-7-2002

    Is keeping beard Farad, Sunnah or just Nafal? Please mention comments according to different Islamic scholars. .. More

  • Having long hair and a long beard at the same time Date: 4-6-2002

    I would like to know whether it is Haram for a Male Muslim to have a long beard and a long hair at the same time. As far as I know, a Male Muslim is advised to have long beard but I have a doubt on having a long hair. I heard from friend of mine that it's ok to have both long hair and long beard at the same time as long as you practice the religion.. More

  • Cutting the nails Date: 14-5-2002

    I would like to ask about cutting the nails, should we cut them (as I do) or leave them very long? I have read many times that cutting the nails is a must and they should be pared every 7 days trimmed every 40 days, as I try my best to advise my friend that Shaitan will be under them, but she chooses to listen to others as they tell her what she wants.. More

  • Cutting fingernails Date: 6-2-2002

    Is there any manner in cutting fingernails? I heard in a lecture that in cutting fingernails, we need to start in the index finger of the right hand followed by the rest of the fingers. Is there any Daleel on this?.. More

  • Trimming the Beard Date: 3-2-2002

    We cannot shave our beards, but can we trim it? If yes, how short? .. More

  • Fearing harm for having a beard Date: 27-1-2002

    I'm planing to go back to my country and I heard they give a lot of trouble to people who they have their beard, especially what happened in the USA, so what should I do?.. More

  • Shaving the moustache and other questions Date: 26-1-2002

    1. Is shaving the moustache a sin? Does one have to grow it and trim it without shaving it all off?2. Do you become a Kaffir if you sometimes don't offer a few Salat (without a valid excuse) but still believing it is obligatory upon you to pray the 5 Salat always? When does a Muslim become Kaffir concerning neglecting Salat? Can you quote the evidence.. More

  • Shaving the full beard in Afghanistan Date: 10-12-2001

    I want to know what would you call those people in Afghanistan who have shaved their full beard? I heard that shaving a full beard is like killing a brother... More

  • Shaving the pubic hair Date: 4-11-2001

    What is the religious status regarding the “shaving of hair around the reproductive organ”? Is there healthy approval or disapproval? .. More

  • Looking at the private parts of one's spouse Date: 9-10-2001

    Did Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) ever in his life look on the private parts of his wives? This Hadith is narrated from Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) that he (peace and blessing be upon him) never looked at my private parts and I never looked at his private parts? Why did he never do that? Was that for modesty and shyness? Is this.. More