160 fatwas

  • Son cannot be circumcised Date: 11-5-2004

    I have a son he was born with Down syndrome. He is 4 years now, but he hasn’t been circumcised and his penis is too small for that. Kindly give me an advise what I have to do... More

  • Trimming the beard Date: 10-5-2004

    I've been growing a full beard according to the Sunnah (length of a fist) of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) for the last 3 years. The reward is amazing. People identified me as a Muslim right away and greet with ‘Salaam.’ My wife and I just don't understand how some of these so called " Big Sheikh" have a really nice trimmed beard.. More

  • Shaving the neck area and below the chin and jaw line Date: 24-4-2004

    I know you cannot shave the beard, but what about the neck area, below the chin and jaw line? .. More

  • Shaving the beard Date: 24-4-2004

    What is Islamic ruling of a Muslim who does not keep his beard in the way of Sunnah and shave part of the face and leaves the Jaw and many other ways for fashion? .. More

  • Shaving hair from around the anus Date: 10-4-2004

    Can we also remove hair from our back parts like around the anus? Is that allowed ‎because this hair is impure?‎.. More

  • Cutting the pubic hair and prayer Date: 9-3-2004

    I am 16 years old. Is it necessary for me to cut my pubic hairs? Will my prayers be accepted if I don't do so? In orderto perform a Ghusl is it necessary to cut the pubic and armpit hair?I cutthat hairwith scissors, butI did not shaveit.Is this practice satisfactoryaccording tothe Sunnah? Please reply.I care very much about my prayer being accepted... More

  • Removing hairs from the body Date: 25-2-2004

    The hairs of which body parts are essential to remove?.. More

  • Removing pubic hair Date: 12-2-2004

    I heard that one is not allowed to remove his private hair using a razor. Is that true?.. More

  • Cutting one's nails Date: 25-1-2004

    Whenever I sit for cutting my nails at night my dad forbids me to do so. He tells me to do it in the morning. Is it Haram in Islam to cut nails at night?.. More

  • Shave the pubic hair regularly Date: 13-11-2003

    I know that the pubic hair must be shaved as recommended by the Prophet (peace be upon him). I'm a married man and I like my wife not to shave her pubic hair because this gives me pleasure. Is this possible or is it prohibited not shaving it?.. More

  • Advantages of Keeping The Beard and Trimming The Mustache Date: 18-9-2003

    Could you please tell us about the advantages of leaving the beard (One handful or more) and shaving the mustache according to medical science? .. More

  • Growing beard despite eczema Date: 11-9-2003

    I have tried on many attempts to grow a beard but when I do I find that my skin gets eczema underneath my facial hair. What should I do?.. More

  • Ten Acts of Fitrah Date: 27-7-2003

    What are the 10 Sunan al-Fitrah and how to do them? .. More

  • Long beard or short beard Date: 3-3-2003

    I know thay having a long beard is a sunnah, but my mother and office says that having a beard is sunnah but they want me to have a short beard.So would it be a sinful for me have a short beard?.. More

  • Shaving hair from private parts and from wife's also Date: 10-2-2003

    Is it Halal to shave the hair of my and my wife's privat part too?.. More