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  • Boundaries of Pubic Hair Date: 5-12-2019

    Do the pubic hairs begin right below the navel? As in, when shaving the pubic hairs, do we have to start from right below the navel? .. More

  • Leaving nails unclipped for more than forty days Date: 20-11-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Shaykhs,will I be sinful if I do not cut my nails before the 40th day due to injury? The matter is serious. I have a hot fracture in the thumb of my right hand, and I experience pain even by touching cloth. Holding a nail cutter and cutting the nails of the other hand is impossible for me at this time... More

  • Shaving armpit hair instead of plucking it Date: 3-4-2017

    Did the Companions really pluck their armpit hair? I shave mine; it just seems like it would be too difficult to do so. Also, what is plucking the armpit hair good for, reducing odor? .. More

  • Starting with right side when clipping nails and combing hair Date: 23-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, Shaykh. It is Sunnah to start from the right, but is it also correct to start from the right and then go from the right to the left? For example, if I start combing my hair, I start from the right following the Sunnah of starting with the right, but then what? Do I randomly comb my hair, or it is Sunnah.. More

  • Growing the nails to meet the husband's desire Date: 2-9-2015

    What is the Sharee'ah ruling on letting the nails grow, but not very long, in order to meet the husband's desire? .. More

  • Women are allowed to remove hair on the arms and legs Date: 1-9-2015

    What is the Sharee'ah ruling on removing hair that grows on women's arms and legs? Girls and women are accustomed to periodically remove the hair of their arms and legs. It is also a custom that they remove all the body hair in the wedding night. .. More

  • Nothing wrong with removing hair from the ears and below the eyes Date: 1-9-2015

    Does plucking the hair from the ears and below the eyes fall under the prohibited plucking? What is the ruling if one plucks it by himself? If it is prohibited, how can we remove the hair from the ears? .. More

  • Ruling on nasal hair removal Date: 31-8-2015

    What is the religious ruling on removing nasal hair by using scissors or by plucking? .. More

  • Qaza‘…definition and ruling Date: 31-8-2015

    What is Qaza‘? What is the ruling on Qaza‘? Is it impermissible to cut the hair shorter on the edges or to have graded haircuts (on the sides)? Is it permissible for a man to cut the hair growing between his eyebrows? .. More

  • A man shaving another's armpit hair Date: 26-8-2015

    Is it permissible for a man to shave the armpit hair of another man? .. More

  • Removing pubic hair for pregnant wife Date: 12-3-2015

    My wife is pregnant,if it is possible can I remove public hair in Islam? .. More

  • Sharee‘ah stance on complete removal of the pubic and armpit hair Date: 21-1-2014

    In the Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful Is it permissible to remove the pubic and armpit hair completely so that it does not grow again?.. More

  • A widow shaves her pubic hair during the ‘Iddah Date: 4-4-2013

    Is a widow permitted to shave her pubic hair during the ‘Iddah (post-marriage waiting period)? .. More

  • Ruling on leaving some pubic hair unshaved as adornment for the husband Date: 13-2-2012

    What is the Islamic ruling on a wife who shaves her pubic hair but leaves some of it unshaved and has a tattoo above it for the sake of beautifying herself for her husband?.. More

  • Burying the shaved pubic hair is not compulsory Date: 28-7-2009

    after shaving pubic hairs,usally i wrap in a paper and throw in dustbin , is it correct method of waste of hairs if not what is correct method ?will i effect by evil satan? i don't have place to bury it, what can i do ,and like to remove it kindly help me i am very confused. Jazak Allah Khairun.. More