168 fatwas

  • Ruling on the Urine of Boy and That of Girl Date: 16-9-2001

    I would like to know why the urine of a girl is consider as "dirty" (i.e. one can't pray with it on the clothes) and that of a boy is not? .. More

  • Discharges from the male sex organ Date: 14-1-2001

    I feel ashamed when I am asking this question, but I don't feel comfortable if I don't ask you. My problem is that sometimes unintentionally (because of the cold temperature or in a journey in a bus etc.) The male sexual organ becomes tense and secretes preseminal fluid. My question: does this fluid contain sperm? Is a ghusul is required if this fluid.. More

  • Difference between Maniyy, Mathy & Wady Date: 22-12-2000

    Is it allowed to touch the body and to kiss the wife during fast? What are the differences among sperm, pre-seminal fluid and Wadi? .. More