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  • Handling Shipments That Include Wine Date: 23-9-2018

    Salamo alikom, I got a new job and I work as transport coordinator in Sweden, I handle transport shipments and make the booking for forwarding companies, I found that there are some shipments from one company that consist beer and wine and I have to make the booking for this shipment and inform the warehouse about the loading time for it. SO, is my.. More

  • A Small Percentage of Alcohol in Cosmetic Products Date: 9-9-2018

    what is cetyl alcohol? Is it like forbidden alcohol? is it permitted to use in cosmetic products like face wash ,soap,shampoo, lotion, medicine, tooth paste & all other products? .. More

  • Delivering Food to a Wine Shop Date: 1-4-2018

    As salam mu alaikum! 1. I am a delivery driver and sometimes I deliver to offices of churches, bare in mind that I do have the choice to cancel their order if needed but it will affect my performance of the day. Is my job and income halal? 2. My mother and I have been separated since I was 6 or 7 years old due to the complication of divorce between.. More

  • No Harm in Using Cupboards that were used to Store Alcohol Date: 11-1-2018

    Asalamu alaykum, cann one use a storage cupboard which was previously used for storing alcohol bottles. .. More

  • Praying on floor that might have absorbed alcohol Date: 21-12-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. A few months ago, I learned that every liquid intoxicant is impure. I also read a fatwa that says that if impurities penetrate an absorbing material like wood, it becomes impossible to purify it. My question is: if the wooden floor was varnished with a solvent that contains 20% of ethanol, does that.. More

  • Clarifying how wine is impure Date: 25-8-2015

    I would like to use some sprays as treatment for hair loss. The problem is that alcohol is an ingredient in these sprays. You previously stated that alcohol is impure although there is no evidence but the verse in which Allaah Almighty says (what means): {O you who have believed, indeed, wine, gambling, [sacrificing on] stone altars [to other than Allaah],.. More

  • The purity of vessels when used by someone who drank alcohol Date: 20-9-2014

    Dear Mufti Sahab If a person drinks alcohol and then uses my glass or spoon and utensils will my utensils become impure right after he drinks. If he touches anything will it become impure. If i wash those utensils in sink will my.sink also be impure. Also if that person uses my sink to gargle after drinking alcohol will the sink become impure . Please.. More

  • Using markers that contain alcohol Date: 6-4-2014

    al—Salam.Please forgive my grammatical mistakes. I am studying landscape architecture and maker pens which contain alcohol are commonly used. I konw drinking is absolutely forbidden.But can we use products like soaps、perfumes or maker pens which contain alcohol? It was narrated from Jabir bin 'Abdullah that he heard the Messenger of.. More

  • Bottles of wine do not affect the purity of the place unless wine is spilled on it Date: 26-1-2014

    I went along with my father to visit his Christian friend who insisted on hosting us inside his home. There was a bar, where bottles of wine are kept, near the seat which I used. Then we left and took the car. The question is: Did that place turn my clothes impure? Did this render the car as well as other places which I sat on while wearing these clothes.. More

  • Ruling on preparing alcohol in the laboratory Date: 21-1-2014

    I am a student and I am required to prepare alcohol in the laboratory, for otherwise I will get low marks. What is the Sharee‘ah ruling? .. More

  • Ruling on using denatured alcohol Date: 29-5-2013

    aslm alkm i saw about denatured alcohol in ur site...actually this denatured alcohol is that which is not consumable bcoz of the addition of certain chemicals in ethanol which causes intoxicity...and so denatured alcohol wonnt cause any type of intoxicity....but u told that if the denatured alcohol causes intoxicity prior to the addition of chemicals.. More

  • Ruling on touching liquor containers Date: 4-4-2013

    What is the Islamic ruling on touching empty liquor bottles; for I work as a maid for foreign women who do not fast Ramadhaan?.. More

  • Working in a medical lab where alcohol is used Date: 24-7-2011

    salam alaikoum, is it ok to work in medical lab (pathology)where a lot of alcohol is used to prepare slides for pathologists to diagnos a lab technician i have to handle alcohol and use it. thanks.. More

  • Using alcohol for disinfecting and cleaning Date: 24-10-2007

    Asalamu aleikum I work in a cleanroom. We must disinfect several times a day our tabels and utensils with alcohol. Is this haram ? Should I quit that job ? If I did I would depend of the income of my husband, who works in a food shop where they also sell alcohol and porc. At the moment I pay with my salary the rent of the flat and the food. He pays.. More

  • Uses of Alcohol Date: 27-7-2002

    Is it Halal to use cream including alcohol or to use alcohol to stop bleeding? .. More