166 fatwas

  • Joking and Talking in Mosque Before Prayer Date: 8-7-2002

    Joking and talking inside the mosque before praying, is it forbidden? .. More

  • I'tikaf other than during Ramadan Date: 14-4-2002

    What is the ruling on l'tikaf at the time other than Ramadan? Should it be done? A brother suggested doing l'tikaf for just the weekend and I could not find any Fatwa on this issue... More

  • Muslims praying at graves, etc. Date: 6-4-2002

    My question is concerning the graveyard; I know it's not allowed to pray in a mosque where there is a grave. How could Ayisha (Radiya Allahu Anha) the wife of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) pray in her house where there were three graves? How is it that Muslims are praying in Masjid of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) and there.. More

  • Paying Interest on Due Payments of a Mosque Date: 6-3-2002

    I am from Macedonia and I am now living in Germany. Here we have so many Muslims from the same country. We have bought one mosque but we did not pay the whole price. Now we pay interest every month to the bank. The mosque that we bought is bigger than our need. Is this Haram? The second question is: Can we pay our Zakaat and Sadaqatul-Fitr to this mosque... More

  • Greeting While Entering a Mosque Date: 17-11-2001

    Can a man say (As-Salaam Alaikum) when he enters the mosque? .. More

  • Inviting non-Muslims to mosques and having them observe prayers Date: 31-7-2001

    We are a Muslim community in Germany and have a mosque. In order to ameliorate the relationship with non-Muslims and show them the right view of Islam, we invite non-Muslim people to visit our mosque. They attend also the prayer to have an idea about Muslim spirituality. These visits are not welcome from all brothers in the mosque. Many brothers think.. More

  • Muslim Alone No Mosque Date: 1-7-2001

    What can a Muslim do if there is no mosque nor Muslims around? .. More

  • Praying in Mosque Built with Money From Questionable Sources Date: 9-5-2001

    I pray in a mosque called Alkhalil mosque in Adelaide Australia. This mosque is very big and new, build by Palestinian Muslim. I personally do not know the person who built the mosque but I heard that he trades with cigarettes and deals with interest (Riba). Some Muslims even accuses him of building this mosque with money of (Riba). I know he lives.. More

  • Travelling married couple staying together in the mosque at night Date: 25-3-2001

    Is it permissable for a man and wife to stay together inside the mosque at night. If they are travellers?.. More

  • Eating inside the Mosque Date: 28-2-2001

    Is there any evidence that states we shouldn`t eat in the mosque? .. More

  • Praying in place used by all religions Date: 7-2-2001

    We have here in the university a silence room (all persons Muslims and non-Muslims, Christians or even Hindus) go there to pray. It has a lot of symbols and pictures in it. Most of Muslims didn't like to use it at all. Turkish Muslims accepted that in the past . Now, the university has a larger numbers of Muslims. The international office suggested.. More

  • Using Money Donated by Non-Muslims to Build Mosque Date: 21-11-2000

    We live in Kyushu area, Japan, where there one no mosques. We started to collect money for building a mosque. Can we use money donated by non-Muslims to build the mosque? .. More

  • Praying in a mosque containing a grave in its Qiblah Date: 24-2-2000

    We live in a village that has only one mosque and this mosque contains a grave in its "Qiblah." What is the "hukum sharei" for praying in this mosque? .. More

  • Non-Muslim Tourists Visiting Mosques Date: 17-10-1999

    I'm working in a travel agency. Sometimes we have some non-Muslim tourists who want to visit mosques. Are they allowed to enter mosques or not? .. More

  • Non-Muslims entering a Mosque Date: 19-8-1999

    We have an islamic center in Napoli and we do - for da'wa - lessons for non-Muslim boys and girls, but some brothers do not agree because, they say, that the non-Muslims can't enter in to a mosque. But to explain Islam to non-Muslims the mosque is the best place. Please explain us the rules about that. If you can answer also in Arabic with a graphic.. More