166 fatwas

  • His uncle wants him to donate money to a Brelwi mosque Date: 1-3-2011

    "There is one masjeed construction is going on it is managed by peoples which do many bidat(Inovations) things in india they are known as Barelvi 1.Is it OK to donate for construction of this masjeed? 2. If it is not OK can I contriubute for ourchase of some material related with internal fittings? 3.Is there any suggestion how i can donate if any.. More

  • Praying in a mosque built in the middle of the graveyard Date: 24-1-2011

    Can we perform our obligatory prayers in a mosque which is built in a graveyard but not over the graves? SALAAM... More

  • A village committee building a mosque with unlawful money Date: 29-12-2010

    Futwa for following illegal Amount Used in Masjid Construction. Details are: 1: In our presence, our Village commette Sold a Drain for some money (Drain means: in which waste, used water and dirt is flowing to Drainage System) 2: (Mohallah Commette) constructed two Shops on Main Road crossing which is illegal land and received Constracting Cost Amount.. More

  • Allowing a beggar to beg in the mosque Date: 23-12-2010

    You said in fatwa no. 134592 that it is not permissible for beggars to ask in mosque with loud voice neither should people rebuke him loudly. I have seen that a beggar was asking permission from imam to beg people after completion of prayer and he (Imam) became like “I don’t know”. Now I want to ask is it permissible for imam to allow beggar.. More

  • Menstruating women staying in a prayer place built for teaching Quran Date: 22-11-2010

    Asalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. We have a mosque in my city wich is three floors. the first floor is for women and the 2 other floors is for men. The imam of our mosque says that the first floor was build as for qur`an school not as a mosque but we pray there when its the salat time so my question is is it allowed for us women during our.. More

  • Holding open day for non-Muslim men and women in the mosque Date: 23-8-2010

    Assalam u alykum, We are going to hold a open day for non muslims at our masjid, which will have posters about islam and activities for kids etc. With imam to answer questions and knowledgable brothers doing tours. What I wanted to know if its permissible to muslim women to attend this considereing they will not all be dressed appropriately and there.. More

  • Reciting religious poems in the mosques before Friday prayer Date: 28-6-2010

    Assalam-O-Alaikum, Dear Sir, my question is that whether “Naat & Hamd” [reciting religious poetry: Naat for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) & Hamd for Allah] are permissible or not?? What are the rulings? Secondly, if these are permissible then is it permissible to recite loudly (on the speakers) in the Masjid? As mostly in Pakistan these are being.. More

  • Is the place of Sa'y a part of the Holy Mosque? Date: 25-6-2010

    Is the place of Sa‘y considered part of the Holy Mosque? Can a woman who is menstruating go to it? If someone enters the Holy Mosque from the place of Sa‘y, should he offer the prayer of greeting the mosque? .. More

  • A menstruating woman staying at the Holy Mosque Date: 24-6-2010

    What is the ruling on women staying at the Holy Mosque (in Makkah) while menstruating in order to listen to the Khutbah (sermon) and lectures? .. More

  • Announcing about a lost child in the mosque Date: 30-5-2010

    I am enquiring of the permissibility to announce about a small child who by one way or another gets lost in a street. Is it allowed to make such announcements in a mosque? This announcement is hoped to facilitate the community support in locating where the child is, and if it found, then the parents/guardians get the information in good time to avoid.. More

  • Preventing beggars from begging inside the mosque Date: 20-4-2010

    Salaam Alaykum Sheikh, After the completin of obligatory prayer, sometimes beggers stand and beg to people in a loud voice? This practice was customary years before but now some people rebuke the beggar and tell him to sit near the door in a loud voice too. What does Islam says about this act? Jazaak ALLAHu Khair... More

  • A woman staying all the day in Al-Masjid Al-Haraam Date: 6-12-2009

    Assalam Alaikum, By the grace of Allah i am performing hajj this year Inshallah. Our hotel is in Azizia which is far from Ka'aba. I wanted to know can i spend my whole day in Masjid-e-Haram as it wont be possible to come for every prayers. i know that that for women it is preferred to perform prayers at home and in this case at the hotel but the problem.. More

  • Taking a Mus-haf home from a mosque Date: 12-10-2009

    Is it lawful to take an old Quran from a mosque, because nobody recite it due to its bad condition? Second, if it is new one, what would be the verdict on that, can I take this?.. More

  • Extending a mosque over an adjacent old graveyard Date: 28-9-2009

    we have extended our mosque over an old graveyard.some people objected that it is unislamic and it is not prayer worthy.please tell us its legal position in islam.. More

  • Playing dominoes in the mosque Date: 13-9-2009

    Assalamu 'alay kum: What is the ruling on the game of dominoes? Is it permissible, allowed, or disliked? This has become a major issue at one of the masjids, where the brothers, after praying 'Isha, play this game in the masjid well into the early morning, but leaving before the Fajr prayer and thus not praying it in congregation. In addition,.. More