166 fatwas

  • In their Masjid, a rich man reserves a place and prayer is delayed until his arrival Date: 10-11-2013

    Assalamalaikum wr wb should we pray in a masjid where a "rich guy" occupies a place and tells the imams and the masjid workers to keep a place reserved for him in the first row.. The "rich guy" himself is the one who built the masjid i believe. The staff in the masjid also at times wait for the "rich guy" to come to the masjid and then give the aqamah... More

  • Inviting a non-Muslim president to declare open a new mosque Date: 25-9-2013

    Assalamu Allaikum, Is it permissable to invite a non-muslim president of a country to declare open a new or renovated mosque. .. More

  • Donating a Mus-haf to a mosque without the permission of its Imaam or administration Date: 21-7-2013

    Can i Donate Quran to a masjid without the permission of the masjid authorities and imam.like just keeping the quran on shelf. .. More

  • Not all mosque rulings apply to a Musalla Date: 6-5-2013

    We have a Musalla (area allocated for prayer) at our workplace where we perform the ‘Asr and Thuhr prayers but we do not proclaim the Athaan for these prayers in the Musalla; is this correct or should we proclaim the Athaan?.. More

  • Menstruating women entering a wedding hall attached to the Masjid Date: 4-4-2013

    Is it permissible for a bride who is menstruating to enter a wedding hall attached to the Masjid so as to conduct her marriage contract?.. More

  • No harm in working as a committee member of two mosques Date: 6-2-2013

    One person is selected as a committee member in one mosque. At a time he is already working as a precedent in another mosque. Can it is possible in the view of Islam please give me Fatawa. Thanking You Shaikh A.N. .. More

  • Performing rituals of non-Muslims in a mosque is impermissible Date: 26-12-2012

    Is it permissible to perform the Christian prayer or Mass in an Islamic mosque? What is the evidence for this? Please answer us. May Allaah reward you!.. More

  • Ruling on a non-Muslim building a mosque Date: 26-12-2012

    Is it permissible to allow a Hindu engineer build a mosque, knowing that there is very close supervision in the process of building?.. More

  • Building a mosque in a residential building's basement Date: 25-12-2012

    Allaah The Exalted Blessed me with a piece of land and I intend to build a house on it. Which is better; to build a mosque in the building's basement or donating the money to build a mosque as an independent building? Note: I cannot afford to build a mosque on my own. May Allaah The Exalted Reward you... More

  • Arguing is disliked inside a mosque and everywhere Date: 25-12-2012

    What is the ruling on arguing and debating with one another inside a mosque, regardless of the topic, given that it has become common nowadays?.. More

  • Some rulings on mosques Date: 24-12-2012

    Assalaamu Alaykum. This is a question from Europe: What are the conditions of the Masjid? Should it be a Waqf (endowment) for the Sake of Allaah The Almighty or it may be owned by a Muslim? May Allaah Bless you. Assalaamu Alaykum... More

  • A mosque that has a grave besides it or in front of it Date: 18-7-2012

    Two of my friends are not coming to particular two mosques in the City for praying. The reason they say for this is one of the mosque has a small kabr on the left side of the building (outside the building and little away from praying area) and other mosque has the burial ground in front of the praying area which we can see through two windows... More

  • How to act when coming too late to prayer in Masjid Date: 2-2-2012

    Assalamu alaikum…. How do I convince a person having come late to the masjid, immediately after praying the mandatory salaat, whilst others in the front rows have not had a chance to move, starts the sunna/nafal prayers, preventing others to move out, that he is being a nuisance whilst at the same time trying to earn Allah’s pleasure. Abu Munib.. More

  • Holding a women-only gathering in the mosque Date: 4-4-2011

    ASALAM ULIKUM, Can we conduct IJTIMAH(religious sermon/gathering) exclusively for women in Masjid . Also is there any difference of opinion among scholars regarding prayer of women in Masjid.one of scholars even objected to salah of women in MASJID HARAAM arguing that it is better to offer salaah at hotel than in MASJID HARAAH during Hajj.. More

  • Changing a prayer room in a house into a toilet Date: 1-3-2011

    assslamalakum brother we are going to alter our house after 15years the prayerroom which is been used since 15years is going to change to toilet is it permited in islam to change the prayer room to toilet.. More