392 fatwas

  • Purchasing car on Installment Date: 13-11-2001

    1. What is the Shariah ruling on purchasing items (such as car) by installment? Can this type of transaction be considered as usury (Riba)?2. What conditions should a Muslim meet before taking a loan?.. More

  • Working where tobacco is sold Date: 22-10-2001

    Assalamu Alaikum Is it halal to work in a grocery store that sells tobacco products but everything it sells is Halal?.. More

  • Buying from retailers Date: 13-10-2001

    Can Muslims buy things from any retailer no matter who the retailer is? Or how his pricing of particular products may be?.. More

  • Buying questionable goods Date: 4-10-2001

    Can Muslims buy second-hand goods, keeping in mind the trader may be selling some stolen goods? .. More

  • Ruling on Money Exchange Date: 2-10-2001

    Is money changing Haram or Halal? .. More

  • Receiving commission fees Date: 27-9-2001

    Is it Halal to receive commission fee? There is a company selling pure gold product (99.99%) that offers the following commission fee program:a. Every customer who brings ten new customers after buying gold product will receive 400.b. Every time one of the ten new customers brings another ten new customers after buying gold product, 800 commissioning.. More

  • Payment for gold and silver products Date: 18-9-2001

    You are kindly requested to answer the following questions received from one of my brothers in Islam: What should be the payment of any gold and silver product? There is a company selling pure gold products (99.99%) and offers the following payment plans:a) Full payment plan - product will be shipped within two weeks.b) Partial payment plan - initial.. More

  • Selling revealing clothes to women Date: 4-7-2001

    Is selling revealing clothes for Muslim women Halal or Haram?.. More

  • Buying on installments Date: 28-6-2001

    I want to buy something for my children (bedroom). It's price = x if I buy it completely, and it's price = x + 5% of (x/2) if I take it now and pay it off into monthly payments. Is this "RIBA"? Please, your answer is very important for me... More

  • Selling Cigarettes Is Forbidden Date: 8-5-2001

    Can I sell cigarettes? .. More

  • Buying or eating where alcohol and pork is sold Date: 8-5-2001

    The Prophet (SAW) said that we should not indulge in any Haram. Is it cursed if we buy or eat from places where alcohol and pork is sold, because we are from Europe and can’t help our situation? .. More

  • Using company's resources to promote sales Date: 18-6-2000

    Can you answer the following question for someone here. A man is working as outdoor salesman. His manager has asked him to give 1 carton free, on the purchase of every 12 Cartons (1 Dozen)He is doing that. But sometimes, some small shops buy 6 cartons only. (He is supposed to give half a carton free for such a purchase) as a gift from the company.. More

  • Accepting payment of debt in money from haram sources Date: 29-5-2000

    Someone bought something from me but he did not pay . I learned later that all the money he has is Haram. How I get my Halal money from his Haram money?.. More

  • Buying from shops that sell beer Date: 27-3-2000

    What is the Hukum of Islam in buying food from the shop that sells beer? .. More

  • Buying property stolen from Jews Date: 24-2-2000

    Can I buy computer set which is stolen from Jews? .. More