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  • Salesperson exchanging item against store policy Date: 29-12-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, Shaykhs. In answer to my question that is stated in your fatwa No. 341797: what I am asked to do is impossible for me now, as that deal happened while I was in that land, but now I am in Makkah, and I have permanently migrated from that land since the end of February. In addition, that piece of cloth.. More

  • Lying about production date of bread and bakery Date: 21-3-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah my brothers in Islam. I am a trader selling flour products like bread, cakes, and so on in our city (Nigeria), such products can last for about 3 to 7 days irrespective of their ingredients and expenses. Thus, anyone who wishes to buy wants to buy the fresh ones (baked that same day); they ask us wether it is fresh.. More

  • If defective item sold by deception, the difference must be compensated Date: 14-3-2015

    Recently I exchanged my motorola mobile phone with someone's I phone 4. But the problem is that I lied him that my mobile's battery will last more than 1 day and truth is that it's battery timing was very poor. I have downloaded a lot of islamic books in his I phone 4. I want to know that reading those books are haraam because I got this I phone by.. More

  • The ruling on disposing of the properties of others Date: 30-1-2014

    There are refrigerators in the rooms of most hotels which include bottled water, drinks, and biscuits. Taking any of these items means buying it, but they are sold at a very expensive price. Is it permissible to take something from the refrigerator and then buy a similar thing from the market (at a cheaper price) and put it instead of the thing that.. More

  • The ruling on using medical apparatus that does not work well Date: 19-7-2011

    I work in a dispensary. In a section where I do not work, there is an ultrasound machine which, by the consensus of the doctors there, is not good and its images are not clear and it cannot in 90% of cases be used for diagnostic purposes. The X-ray photographs are not submitted to the clients as done in other hospitals and dispensaries, because it.. More

  • Impermissibility of using expired telephone cards Date: 11-5-2011

    Is it permissible to misuse public telephones? In Romania, many young Muslim people use expired telephone cards and talk for long hours for free. They argue that Romania fights Muslims through mass media, imposes restrictions on the Muslim community living there, and allies with the West against Islam... More

  • Why cheaters cheat Date: 6-7-2009

    Slam Alicoum, Why do I find it so easy not to cheat? Are cheaters born cheaters, or do certain situations cause people to cheat?.. More

  • Receiving student scholarship without meeting its conditions Date: 26-4-2009

    Salam I am a student of a college and the government here provides scholarships Rs.500/- monthly to students. It has been trend that majority get the scholarship. There is a limit of Rs.35000/- annualincome of the student's father to be eligible for the scholarship, which is very less and almost none qualify for it, yet majority get the scholarship.1... More

  • Buying an item through a third party to reduce its price Date: 23-12-2008

    sallamon allaikom we want buy a land but its owner want excessive money whereas he sell the other land like it by less money. we have friend that is family with owner land ,we want give him money to him to buy a land for us but a owner know that our friend (his family) want transaction a land for is against religious law or no? thanks sallamon.. More

  • Purchasing imitated goods Date: 8-2-2006

    I have two questions: 1) Are counterfeit products permissible for purchase like branded products? (2) What are the signs to know if your sins are forgiven by Allaah? .. More

  • Using forged documents to live in a country Date: 16-8-2005

    My question is about faking documents. It is very clear that in Islamic point of view there are no boundaries or borders, and all we know that western peoples (Kuffar) who are the one who made this border to colonize the world and we Islam peoples ignorantly we accept these and divide ourselves, instead of being together, so my question.. More

  • His family receives government support as single-parent family Date: 14-8-2005

    I am married and have two daughters but I have not registered as a married person in the UK yet as they still think that my wife is a single mother and she lives alone and they help her paying the rent of the house where we live, and the reason is that if I tell them about our marriage they will stop paying rent for the property we live in as.. More

  • Lack of papers prevents him from bringing his family Date: 11-8-2005

    My question is that my friend is working as a marketing assistant and he draws a good salary and also getting housing from the company. He is engaged and going to marry now. He wants to bring his wife from Jordan after marriage. But he has no certificate as he was not able to complete his graduate studies. The government rule doesn't allow him.. More

  • Praying but cheating people Date: 7-7-2005

    Some of my friends they pray five times but on work they cheat people by charging more money than the real price and make money by doing so. Is it Halaal or Haraam? .. More

  • Punishment for cheating Date: 5-5-2004

    Cheating is a big sin. What are the punishments for cheating in Islam according to Qur’an and Ahadith? Will this punishment be here or in Hereafter?.. More