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  • He Eats Five to Six Meals Everyday Date: 22-12-2021

    Is there any limit in eating meals in islam? I eat 5 to 6 small meals everyday. I also make sure that I'm not extravagant in these meals. As Allah mentioned he doesn't like those who are extravagant. Is there any number of meals prescribed in Islam?. Can i eat meals when i wish but without being extravagant. .. More

  • Hair Straightening Date: 23-11-2021

    Question: Assalamulykum..my question was about permanent hair straightening. So if I’m certain there’s a barrier on hair which prevents water from reaching to the hair and as the treatment is permanent..means new grown hair will be in Natural texture but straightening hair will remain same.. So should i have to shave my head from removing it? Otherwise.. More

  • Feels Sorrow for Death of a Cat which She Took Care Of Date: 22-11-2021

    Assalaam alaikum, we had recently found a stray kitten. We had thought something might be wrong with it and took it to the vet. The vet said the kitten was about 45 days old it has been starved and needs care. We bought prescribed medicines and all the necessary items the kitten would need. At this age it needs warmth. It was placed in a cozy box(as.. More

  • Felt Sorry as He Did Not Prevent the Cat from Eating a Pigeon Date: 18-11-2021

    As-Salaam-Alaikum. Today I saw a stray cat hunt down a Pigeon and ate it.I could had save the bird but I didn't because I didn't know what to do.Next time if I encounter the same situation should I feel sorry for the bird and rescue it or let the cat eat it. .. More

  • Disposing of Packages That Have Word Halal or Scholars on Them Date: 14-10-2021

    Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh. I want to ask. What is the ruling on disposing a product's package that word حلال or halal label is written on it or word علماء is written on it?Shukron. .. More

  • Writings on Clothes Have No Effect on the Validity of the Prayer Date: 11-10-2021

    Assalaamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh. Is wardrobe, i.e. shirt or pants, with brand that is named after someone's name such as Levi Strauss, or named after a city name such as New York City, or word “premium quality”, or “world without stranger”, or Arabic word, e.g. Al Haadi, is written on it, is this allowed to be worn like when praying,.. More

  • Supplication of a Person Who Drinks Alcohol [All Intoxicants] Date: 11-10-2021

    Will the duas of someone who has consumed alcohol not be accepted for 40 days? Can someone who has consumed alcohol within the last 40 days ask someone else to pray dua for them? .. More

  • No Harm in Using Oil that Is Not Changed by Impurity Date: 7-9-2021

    Salaam,Is it halal to eat food that was cooked in oil that could have come into contact with oil that has been used to fry non-halal chicken? The restaurant says that 'this can occur during the filtration process for the oil' and that 'every effort is made during oil filtration to keep the oils separate but we cannot guarantee that cross contamination.. More

  • Consuming Nutmeg when It Is Mixed with Food or Drugs Date: 6-9-2021

    Assalamualaikum sheikh. I'm in a great problem nowadays. I'm really depressed about a matter. Recently I've come to know that nutmeg and mace are haram . But it's very widespread in our country. It's really difficult to avoid it completely. Yesterday I was about to eat nutmeg by mistake which was mixed with rice I threw it but ate the rest of the rice.. More

  • Accidentally Hurt a Dog when Driving Date: 29-8-2021

    I accidentally hurt a dog when driving. It was apparently beneath the parked car and I did not notice when getting in. It got hurt and limped away. I feel extremely bad for hurting it but could not do anything for it. I am not sure what to do but I feel inclined to give sadqah and repent. Please guide. .. More

  • He Is Hesitant in Going out with His Mother who Wears Trousers Date: 23-8-2021

    My mother covers her hair and wears loose trousers but does not wear jilbaab. I asked a sheikh if I can walk with her outside and he said that what she is wearing is incorrect and I should not be endorsing it. So I do not walk outside with my mother. Dear sheikh please may you clarify this for me, is it makrooh or haraam for me to walk outside with.. More

  • Working in Ice-Cream Shop Where Ice-Cream Flavors Have Alcohol in Them Date: 22-4-2021

    SalamI work at an ice-cream shop where two ice cream flavours have alcohol in them. I was wondering if the money I get from this shop is halal or haram considering these items have alcohol in them. .. More

  • Burning Ants and Insects when Burning Dried Herbs Date: 7-4-2021

    We know that burning an animal to death is strictly forbidden. So would I be guilty if the ants and insects on the dried herbs died in the fire while the dried herbs were being burned and cleaned by me? .. More

  • Fermented Sugarcane and Erythritol in Food Date: 12-2-2021

    Alsalam Alikom Is Fermented sugarcane Reb MAnd Erythritol halal to consume.Jazakum Allah khairan .. More

  • Eating Food Products that Contain Animal Enzymes or Animal Rennet Date: 23-1-2021

    Assalamu Aleykum. is it halal to eat snacks with enzymes in the ingredients. For exemple the nacho cheese flavored doritos chips from where i'm from (Canada) doesn't have pork enzymes but it may have enzymes from other animals. And what about the cheese. Is it okay to eat cheese made from animal rennet?.. More