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  • Insurance on Things Sent by Mail

    Cover included in postage cost – is it permissible?Assalamu Alaikum, my question is regarding compensation included in postage services, are these permissible. For example it cost £1 to deliver an item that is size of a large letter, in this cost there is £20 cover for loss or damage, it is not separate; the cover is either free from the company.. More

  • Works in a School and Has to Choose Health Insurance

    As Salamu Alaikumi work in a school where we are given chance to select. type of health insurance you want for your self base on your capacity, the amount is deducted from my salary every month, my school is not paying anything for me, i was the one who chose the hospital by my self, please, is this system of accessing health allowed in Islam, more.. More

  • Senile Mother Receives Pension and Issue of Inheritance of Her Deceased Husband

    Assalamualaikum,What are the rulings on managing a parent's wealth for their welfare and well-being? Our mother is a widow of 10 years and is becoming frail in health, mind, and spirit. She still receives a little monthly pension from our late father's office that she uses for her needs, e.g. groceries, bills, etc. Alhamdulillah, her children are self-suffici.. More

  • Can’t Find Cooperative Insurance in Hong Kong

    Assalam alaikum,I live in Hong Kong. I read that conventional insurance is haram but cooperative insurance is permissible. In Hong Kong, there is no 100% cooperative insurance company but there is an insurance company that is 100% owned by a cooperative insurance company overseas. Would this be permissible to use?I have a wife and two children and if.. More

  • Doctors Buying Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Assalamu Alaykum I work as a doctor in a western country and we are required by law to have what is called: professional indemnity insurance. This is used in cases where a doctor makes a mistake and they are ordered by a court or have to compensate a patient of theirs for injury, accident or neglect. The amount paid to the patient is often very high.. More

  • Buying Takaaful (Cooperative) Insurance For a Necessity

    Im living in austria and would want to open a business and sell products. If a customer gets hurt using my product because it is deffect he can sue me. Im not very rich in terms of money so if this was ever to happen i couldnt afford paying thousands. I could though get insured and the insurance could handle it. Would it be allowed in this case? .. More

  • Government Employee Wants to Avail of Medical Insurance

    Assalaamoalaikum I have problem of mild fecal incontinence that is even after washing too much i still see stains on tissue and my clothes. I also have OCD for impurity. I am a government employee and have medical insurance and want to pursue surgery for incontinence. Please reply my following queries: 1. If surgeon feels surgery is not necessary,.. More

  • Wants to Save His Money in Insurance Company

    Asssalamu Alaikkum Just for saving purpose if I put money in Insurance company for a particular period of time is it acceptable? .. More

  • Working in an Oil Company and Health Insurance Is Included in the Package

    Assalamu Alaikum dear scholars I work in the HR department of an oil company. Our company gives free health insurance to its employees as part of its benefits package. Our company has a contract with an insurance company and I have nothing to with this contract. Anways, our company gives free coverage meaning the employee does not have to contirbute.. More

  • Working in cooperative insurance in Western country

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is it halal to work in a cooperative insurance company in a Western country? Fatwa No. 131305 on this website stated that it may be allowed to work for a cooperative insurance company, but the question in that case was related to working for a cooperative insurance company in Saudi Arabia. Can you please clarify this regarding working.. More

  • Ruling on money from India's NPS retirement pension

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am a government employee in Karnataka, India. There is a new retirement pension scheme called NPS; it is obligatory for everyone. In this plan, 10% of our basic salary is deducted every month, and a same amount is deposited from the govenment side to a separate account. This amount is utilized by the government on the stock market,.. More

  • Getting commercial car insurance to work and support family

    Assalaamu alaykum. May Allaah bless you. I would like to work for a company called Uber as a driver with my own car. The issue is that the company requires that the car be insured in order to be accepted to work with the company. In the country in which I live, insurance is not deemed obligatory by the government. However, the company makes it mandatory.. More

  • Joining pension plan that possibly invests funds in unlawful activities

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a choice of opting into a pension plan with a pension company. This provider takes the monthly payments made by my employer and invests it in funds. However, I have no idea of what these funds involve as it is not made clear. They potentially could include haram and unlawful activities involving interest and so on. (I did spot.. More

  • Getting rid of insurance company shares

    Assalaamu alaykum. When I first came to the States, I did not know about insurance that it was haram. In any case, I quit it, but while I had it, the company became public and gave me some shares, which I still have. Can I sell them and use the money to make Hajj with it? May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Benefitting of health insurance provided by employer

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am working in Saudi Arabia, our company has given us a health insurance card, MEDGULF (The Mediterranian & Gulf Co-operative Insurance and Reinsurance Co.). Our company pays the insurance fees on behalf of us without deducting any money from our salary. When we show this in the hospital, we onlyhave to pay 20% of the amount,.. More