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  • A daughter accusing her father of sexual abuse

    A 14 yr old girl has accused her father of sexually abuse since the age of 9 and also of rape. The mother of the girl says the father has admitted the abuse but not the rape. The father is now flatly denying that anything happened and says the mother has misunderstood what he said. The girl is still adamant that it all took place and by the way the.. More

  • She was sexually abused by her married brother

    Asalamualikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatu, My question is regarding my friend @ age 14 her brother who was 26 yrs old started acting wierd with her. He started to touch her in wrong places forcefully and kept on bothering her. she out of fear didnt tell anybody. He kept on telling her it was ok in Islam even though he was married with one baby. Now.. More

  • Committed adultery with a married woman and wants to marry her

    I am 26 years old muslim working here in saudi arabia. I committed zina to a non muslim girl who have a family of her own and still living with them. I know that the youngest daughter she have right now is mine. I wanted to know the rights of the child if she can use my surname if i acknowledge her. we are planning to seperate ways by the mother of.. More

  • His mother sexually abused him when he was a child

    "AOA, this a memory that i kept within myself but now its bthering me alott n to tell some thing like this courage is needed and after buildin in tellin i dunt knwo how to explain it but i m trying.when i was 5 my mother used to take me on herself n remove my pants and her clthes n move me on her like sex she did this alot of times sumtime removing.. More

  • His wife confessed to him that her uncle had sexually abused her in the past

    assalam walikum, i got married recently and i was really frustutaed with my wife behaviour. when i emphasized her, she revealed her past from the age of 8, that her maternal uncle used to lure her by giving her candies and take her to the terrace and use to do all sorts of sexual activity in the nights. this was carried every day till she realized.. More

  • She forgot about her sexual abuse in the past

    a woman in our community was sexually abuse as a young child at home by a family member and spoke nothing of it to anyone till now. she has put it behind her and has a good haapy life now, but yet she still lives in the same house as the abuser although after the 1 incedent nothing of this nature has again occured. i am angry she still lives there and.. More

  • Child sexually abused by his grandmother

    Asalam Alikom wa Rahmtuallah Wa Baraktuh. It has come to my families attention, that one of my male step grandchildren, has been sexually abused by their Maternal grandmother. The child is only 4 years old, and tells of having being asked to undress, then his grandmother has played with his genitals. The Grandmother had admitted to her ex husband.. More

  • A brother touching his sister with lust

    plz let me know that is there any complications and problem occurs if a brother touches his sister with lust and dsire, plz reply is there any problem occurs between their relatiuonships and with their parents?.. More

  • Abused his retarded aunt sexually

    A person forced ahis aunt to be naked .She is mentally abnormal. He didnt penetrated his sexual organ in her any holes.neither back nor front. But in her hips. He wants to know the punishment for his blunder.. More

  • A girl forced him to commit Zina with her

    a boy was sleeping and girl forced him to hav sex but the boy was not ready for it it a sin?.. More

  • Her father-in-law wants to abuse her sexually

    Assalamu Alaikum, my father in law wants to kiss me, but he even touches the breasts and the sharamgha,(with my cloth), when i am alone at home, if i never allowed him to do, he spreads false propaganda about my husband to everyone else in the home like my husband's brothers and sisters and their in laws. and they think, that my husband not responding.. More

  • Looking with a desire is absolutely forbidden

    I am twenty two years old and I often masturbate and I think about my elder sister who is married and aged 35, and desire her for sexual intercourse, what should I do? .. More

  • Wife having illegal relations with a man while her husband is working abroad

    One of my married friends is out to Gulf since last 3 years without his wife and 2 children due to a sound financial reason. He now recently visited to his place and surprised to know that his wife having some sort of illegal relationship with one other man at his place. he is not 100% sure that his wife had any physical relationship with other man.. More

  • Sexually abused by her uncle when she was 13

    I was either 12 or 13 years old when I went to Pakistan on holiday. While I was on holiday, my maternal uncle used to play games like adults tend to do with children. Innocent running, jumping and hiding. But one night, it went far beyond that, and my innocence was taken advantage of. I was completely unsuspecting. I did not know what it was that.. More

  • Prostitution

    Is it ever alright for a woman to enter prostitution, say if she is forced into it by poverty. Also, are there any circumstances where it is ok for a man to use a prostitute? .. More