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  • Sexual harassment by a female

    If I am forced to have sex with a female other than my wife due to blackmail, what should be my plan of action according to Islamic laws? If I do not comply with the woman's demand she will destroy my family life... More

  • Has difficulty being sexually satisfied in marriage and having a second wife is prohibited where he lives

    I'm an Arab living in Japan and I'm married to a Japanese woman. She is Muslim and I have 3 children from her but I always have problem with her about our sex relation as she doesn't like to have this kind of relation with me when I need. Sometimes I commit Zina (adultery). Now I want to get married in another country to never get in Zina any more.. More

  • Prayer after having forced sex

    What are the prayer for someone who was forced to had sex? Or what should someone do to ask Allaah forgiveness?.. More

  • She was a victim of incest with her brother

    What should a sister do if she was sexually abused by her own brother as a child for many years? Both brother and sister are now married. Is the sister guilty of backbiting because she told her family what her brother did? Is it okay for the sister to seek help with her mental state because of what happened to her, e.g. doctors, etc.? Please.. More

  • Proving and punishing fornication

    For my previous query on producing witnesses for proving a case of fornication, you wrote that for convicting a case, the witnesses should have seen the very act. I have still further queries. If a woman becomes pregnant before marriage, she would definitely get the punishment for fornication but a man can easily escape if there were not four witnesses.. More

  • Adultery as cheating

    My friend and I differ in our opinions about "cheating" spouses. Could you please clarify, if his view is the more Islaamicly correct one or whether mine is? I believe that when a married woman commits adultery it is a crime against Allaah and also her husband since he has rights to sexual exclusivity from his wife. Actually it is the only.. More

  • His Pregnant Girl Friend Wants an Abortion and Not Marry Him

    I have committed Zina with an American girl and now she is pregnant and she wants to have an abortion. I don't know what to do. Should I let her have the abortion or should I have the baby of Zina? She doesn't want to marry me! Please tell me what to do, because the baby is (Ibn Zina) and I don't want to have Ibn Zina! .. More

  • Committed adultery which led to pregnancy

    I knew a lady since long time and I loved her. She got wedded to another man since 6 years and has one child. After she got married I moved to the United States to work but this summer I went to visit my country to search for a wife to get married. During my vacation I met her and the evil made us have sex and I got her pregnant. I got.. More

  • Father had incest with his daughters

    I am a doctor and I used to get two twin sisters aged about twenty years as patients with functional problems. They seem to have no organic problem and were always in a state of fear anxiety. But one fine day they revealed that the reason for their fear anxiety is their father who is having sexual relationship with both of them since.. More

  • Pregnant by non-Muslim

    I know a young Muslim girl who sought my advice for a problem for which I am not qualified. She's having an unlawful relationship with a non-Muslim person. (I mentioned "non Muslim" just for information, such a relation is Haram with Muslim or non-Muslim.) Anyhow, she is 10 weeks pregnant and does not know what to do. Her boyfriend wants to marry.. More

  • Loves a married man and wants to live with him without marriage

    I am deeply in love with a married man. We are both Muslims, he lives in Abu Dhabi, I live in Germany and we only see each other every 4-6 weeks, but presently I am looking for a job in Abu Dhabi as I want to move there. We are both deeply in love with each other and feel we are soul connected. He is married and has a child but says his wife.. More

  • Issues about Zina

    Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. I have a near and dear friend who has committed one horrible mistake in her life and it is ruining her life. I am trying to help her by shedding some light on her situation and showing her that there is hope, however I am a bit confused on a few issues and would like to clarify them before.. More

  • Intercourse with the mother in-law

    I read in Saheeh Bukhari, in the chapter "Book of Marriage", that the scholars Az-Zuhri, Mujahid and some companions of the Prophet were of the opinion that if a man commits sexual intercourse with his mother in-law the marriageto his wife will not be invalid. Whyis henot stoned to death as punishment as that is the Hadd punishment mentioned.. More

  • Sexually abused by her father and brothers and thinks of suicide

    I have a strange, confusing problem. In fact my father and brothers sexually abused me in my childhood and later life. At that time, I had no idea how sinful this act was. Later I tried to stop them, but they threatened me. I was so upset that to teach them a lesson, I indulged in sex with other guys, and told my family, ‘if you people do.. More

  • True Repentance and Avoidance of Illicit Relations

    I was wondering, my girlfriend fell under the influence of Shaitan. One day her boyfriend convinced her to have sex with her. She says that they did not have intercourse, but somehow he took her virginity by just entering first part of his manhood. So does that mean she had sex without intercourse? I truly care for her and want her to ask for forgiveness... More