137 fatwas

  • Whispers regarding Purification Date: 20-7-2022

    assalamu alaykum sheikh i have a problem and its very urgent, please guide me .i have read in hadith that the prophet saw permitted vessels in which haram things like alchohol were drinked to be used only after washing . i live with my family and my mother is the cook and the dish washing liquid we use haram ingriedients like pig fat , alchohol , etc.. More

  • Affected with Whispers about Impurity on His Shoes Date: 21-11-2021

    As Salamu Alaykum.I stepped on a dog urine and just rubbed my shoes on the sand with intension to wash them later. Then I forgot and walked around the house in them. Now I think that house got impure and all my salahs are invalid. Can you give me an advice? .. More

  • Purifying Oneself from Major and Minor Impurity when Having a Cast as Per the Shaafi’i School Date: 5-9-2021

    Assalamu alaykum.My question is based on the following(please answer me according to the shafi'i madhab):1.How does a person purifies himself from major impurity with a bandage which he cannot remove if it is on the limb of tayammum?b.What if it outside the the limb of tayammum?2.How does a person do wudu in this state if it is either on the limb of.. More

  • If the Place of Impurity Is Known, It Is Sufficient to Wash That Place Date: 3-8-2021

    Assalamu Alaikum,I take off my clothes which have impurity after entering the bathroom during the obligatory bath. Then, after washing the impurity of my body, I wash my mouth and nose and take a bath naked. I wash those impure clothes after bathing. If impure water splashes on me while washing these clothes, do I have to take a shower again? Or it.. More

  • Bucket Licked by Dog Fell on His Slippers: Whose View to Imitate Among Scholars Date: 1-6-2021

    Dog lick my slipper. I throw it away...lots of rain fall it..after some day a wet bucket fall on that dry slipper..if this bucket impure..pls help..I am suffering from vasvaas .. More

  • Whispers about Impurity Date: 23-5-2021

    Assalamu alyqum.When using the washroom,i'm certain that some tiny splashes of urine splashed on my leg by feeling it.Then I wash the area,I felt these splashes might be found but i am not sure whether they have come in contact with the lower portion of my trousers.Can i pray with these trousers? .. More

  • Frog Feces Are Impure and Its Meat Is Forbidden to Eat Date: 2-12-2020

    Are frog faeces considered najis? .. More

  • Using Hair, Feathers, Fur, Grease, Fat, Bones, Horns, and Nails of Dead Animals Date: 13-10-2020

    Is it permissible to use paint brushes made from mongoose hair? Is it permissible to use watercolours because they may contain ox gall but I'm not sure about it and if they contain ox gall then I also don't know how they're slaughtered.Can I use those products which may contain animal fat or similar things but I'm not sure whether it really .. More

  • Her Family Members Have Dogs and It Is Difficult to Avoid their Impurity Date: 30-9-2020

    My family memebers love dogs and I have seen dogs lick their hands and clothes.But no matter what, they never purify themselves in the correct manner after that and touch everywhere in the house with wet hands. Because this is hard for me to avoid, I follow the ruling that impurities does not transfer. Is this correct to do?because I have heard that.. More

  • Wants Explanation on How Dry Impurity Is Not Transferred from One Body to Another Date: 20-9-2020

    Salam, I have read on your site that dry impurities don’t transfer. Please explain how this ruling was found because I didn’t find any Quranic verse or Hadith supporting it.I am not challenging this view but instead want sources so I can better overcome the waswasa regarding impurities.Thank you .. More

  • Impurity Is Not Transferred When It Is Dry Date: 6-9-2020

    I have a problem of wetting my bed sometimes. If i urinate during sleep i wake up wash my legs then next night if i wear the same clothes to bed do i have to wash myself again next morning even if i didn't wet my bed again? .. More

  • Ritual Impurity of Vomit Date: 16-7-2020

    Assalamoalikum I struggle with OCD and had some questions about newborn and purity 1 - If the baby vomits then do we have to wash the baby's face and rinse mouth? If we don't do this and only wipe the face clean with cloth, then will the baby spread najasa anytime the face is wet or the baby spits? 2 - Right before childbirth, if the mother had impurity.. More

  • Impurity Splashed His Body, Clothes, and The Floor Date: 15-3-2020

    When defecating if najis water splashed onto me such as on my thigh or buttocks or arm , I would firstly wash my private parts ( I wouldn’t wash the area where the impure splashes landed ) and then I would go to sink , wet my hands and thouroghly rub them on the areas where the splashes came . I did this 2-3 times . Do I become pure by this? Also.. More

  • Purifying A Place Contaminated With Urine Date: 8-1-2020

    The ruling and opinions that the four shieks made and agreed. Regarding the cleaning of the place that was urinated upon. The type that was talked about was getting the urine from the place and putting it in a bucket and adding the water later what is the ruling .. More

  • Cannot Remove The Color of Impurity Date: 5-12-2019

    Salam aleikum. When I wash my clothes from a najasa (impurity), but the colur remains, is it forgiven? How a muslim must wash the najasa from his clothes? .. More