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  • Student Supported by Father's Income from Bank

    I am a student in UK, my father is paying my college fees but he is working in a bank. As I now it is Haram to work there. Is it Halal for me to study in this way? .. More

  • Financial Institutions Mixing Islamic Practices and Riba

    What is the Islamic ruling about the bank or finance company that deals with Riba and Islamic practices? .. More

  • Good Deeds Done in a House Purchased by Riba Transaction

    Is it true that all the Sunnah deed e.g. reciting Qur'an, Sunnah, prayers, etc. that we do in the house we purchased through Riba transaction will not be accepted by Allah (s.w.t)? .. More

  • Bank loan

    I am a businessman. I would like to know if I can take a loan from the bank to promote my export trade, otherwise I cannot compete with traders in the same field who have much more finance than I?.. More

  • Inherited business having bank dealings

    If you inherit a company from someone and the company uses bank money which deals with interest and you cannot stop that, and are unable to go to an Islamic bank for some time (say 4 years) should you close the company, sell it, or keep it until you can change to an Islamic bank?.. More

  • Bank loan

    I am an Arabic citzen. In my counry when you want to build a house, you can ask for a loan from the bank. When you receive the money, you receive an amount less than you requested, but when you want repay the loan, you pay the original amount you requested. For instance, if you apply for a loan of 30,000 dinar, you will receive only 25,000 dinar, but.. More

  • Borrowing from bank to buy a house

    I am a converted Muslim. I have money invested in my home country and earn interest on this money. I have a young family. I am saving to buy a house for the family when we return home. I do not have enough money to buy a house; can I use the interest to help with the purchase of the home? There is no way in my western country that a single income.. More

  • Interest from court judgement

    I had a court case against a company and the court forced the company to pay me some money plus an interest on that money. Can I take this interest knowing that the court order is less than my right because I did not have enough papers proving my case and because of a mistake made by my lawyer?.. More

  • Receiving Interest

    Assalam Alaikum! Could you please tell me if a widow or an aged person with no source of continuing income can deposit his/her savings in a bank and receive interest? .. More

  • Investment in saving certificates

    My sister is a widow who has three minor daughters, with no means of income other than the nominal amount she received after the death of her Husband from his employer. My question is can she invest this money in some defence saving certificates,life policies or fixed certificate schemes so that she may get a handsome amount at the time of enchasement.. More

  • Buying a car in US with Riba

    I would like to purchase a new Car. Here in America they don’t know what is meant by "baye Alajal." So please advise me as I am in dire need of a car, so I can make the living here? The only way is to get involved in APR which is interest and I can't afford to pay for it in cash; I have to make payments. .. More

  • Eating food of aunt who works at a bank

    My aunt works in a bank. Is it permissible to eat her food?.. More

  • Charging late fees

    Is charging late fees considered Riba? .. More

  • Buying house with bank loan

    I bought a house here in Norway and I had no other choice, in other word I was 'muthtar and I took a loan from a bank and, of course, I should pay interest. I have a large family with 5 children and it is almost impossible to rent a house here for such large families. What does Islam say in such circumstances?.. More

  • A loan taken 10 years ago has increased in value in the local currency; the original balance is due

    "My father who was living in Jordan borrowed ( 15,000) from his brother in America in1987. At that time the 15,000 equaled JD4,500 Jordanian Dinars, and my father exchanged the dollars into Jordanian Dinar and used them. Now, 10 years later, he is able to return the money to his brother, but 15,000 equals about 10,000 Jordanian Dinars and not 4500... More